Kylie Jenner & Tyga Baby Plans? Source Shares Jenner’s Feelings On Becoming A Mother

Could it be true? Does Kylie Jenner + Tyga = baby?

At least one media outlet is reporting that. While she does enjoy spending time with Tyga’s son, Kylie is not quite ready to be a mother to his children anytime soon.

Hollywood Life reported today that the Kylie Jenner, Tyga, baby family combination is not high on Jenner’s list, but it’s not exactly what you would think. Though Jenner just turned 18 years old earlier this month, it’s not her age that prevents her from wanting to have Tyga’s baby right now — it’s her body. A Kardashian family source told Hollywood Life,

“Kylie doesn’t want to get pregnant anytime soon. She is obsessed with how her body looks and would like nothing more to have Tyga enjoy it, but not enjoy it too much and give King Cairo a brother or sister.”

King Cairo is Tyga’s two-year-old son with Blac Chyna.

The source also reports that Jenner believes she and Tyga would have beautiful babies together.

One look at Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account would have fans believing that Jenner is obsessed with her body. In the past few days alone, Kylie Jenner’s bikini pics have dominated her Instagram account.


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And Kylie isn’t only posing in bikinis. She’s also posting photos of herself in one-piece swim suits, wearing sexy clothing, and posing for booty shots.

Jenner and her beau Tyga have been in the news a lot recently, as Kylie recently turned 18 and news that some want to pay Kylie and Tyga up to $10 million for a sex tape.

In addition to reporting on Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s baby plans, Hollywood Life also reported on Kylie and Tyga’s sex life, as a source told them, “Kylie feels like a sex goddess, she says she feels better naked than she does with clothes on.”

So media outlets are reporting that the couple’s sex life is good, but a Kylie Jenner and Tyga baby is still not on the horizon. Instead, the couple will continue to spend time with the son Tyga already has — King Cairo.

Give my son the sun and the moon.

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Find out more about Kylie Jenner in the video below:

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