'Sleepy Hollow's Risky Ride Into Season Three Without The Headless Horseman

Many new faces are slated to appear in Sleepy Hollow this season including Sexy Betsy Ross, the new sheriff in town Daniel Reynolds (technically an FBI special agent), and the Pandora. While much has been made about the new additions to Sleepy Hollow's cast, all of whom have curious positions in the lives of the Ichabod and Abbie, not much is known about the foreboding work of the witnesses. The two look like they're returning with no evil to fight in Sleepy Hollow, the town known primarily for its Headless Horseman, who appears to have rode off into the sunset after season 2. Without the Headless Horseman, who will usher in the apocalypse the witnesses are supposed to be fighting?

According to Design Trend, Ichabod temporarily leaves Sleepy Hollow to find himself, but finds something else (that we don't know yet) prompting his return to Sleepy Hollow where he and Abbie reunite for war, but against who? Without valid villains like Moloch and the Headless Horseman, and a zealous emissary like Henry, a curious fellow in his own rite, how will Ichabod and Abbie's purpose as witnesses be realized? Every hero needs a villain. Ichabod and Abby are Sleepy Hollow's heroes, but who is Sleepy Hollow's villain?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Betsy Ross is not Sleepy Hollow's new villain. She's a "secret operative within George Washington's mysterious ring of spies." TV Line reports that Pandora seeks the aid of the witnesses, making her clearly not the villain of Sleepy Hollow. A piece by International Business Times confirms the entrance of Pandora is not the introduction of a villain as Pandora is not a villain, per se. She's just a misunderstood woman who accidentally releases all the evils of humanity into the world after a nosey little girl lifts the lid on her "mystical jar."

Sleepy Hollow's show-runner Clifton Campbell, a new addition himself, has been careful not to disclose all of Sleepy Hollow's season 3 details, but he has allowed the unveiling of some things, like Betsy Ross, who is supposedly another of Ichabod's ex-flames. Diehard Sleepy Hollow fans may take exception to this as they hoped to witness Ichabbie explore their obvious chemistry, especially now that Katrina is out of the picture. But Sleepy Hollow is not a love story. Sleepy Hollow is about two witnesses preventing the apocalypse.

A Halloween airing of a Sleepy Hollow-Bones crossover may be enough to inject some apocalyptic danger and a decent storyline after a bumpy season 2, but it may not be enough to quell fans' fears that Abbie will once again be relegated to the sidelines as she was last season while Ichabod dealt with family issues between Katrina and Henry. Fans will have to wait until October to see if Abbie will make it to the forefront now that she has that FBI badge.

Sleepy Hollow returns to Fox October 1.

(Photo courtesy of Fox)