Ghost Footage Captured In England’s Tutbury Castle: Ghost Shadow Terrifies And Baffles Witnesses (Video)

As cameras and video have become more and more prevalent in recent years, so too has captured footage of possible paranormal entities, activities and events.

Unfortunately, while some footage of subjects like UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghosts are pretty stunning, most are blurry, shaky or too dark to provide anything worthwhile. And even worse are the complete fabrications and hoaxes made possible by today’s digital technology.

But a famous ghost known as the Keeper Ghost seems to have recently been legitimately captured on film by a small TV crew at the centuries-old Tutbury Castle in England. The small crew was at first terrified, then left searching for an explanation as to what the clearly seen shadowy ghost possibly could have been.

According to, the Tutbury Castle’s Keeper Ghost footage was captured during the taping of a paranormal show, The Past Hunters.

The stunning and eerie clip opens with Past Hunters’ co-director Bex Palmer, and medium Derek Acorah, having a Tutbury Castle chat when Palmer suddenly jumps and points, clinging to Acorah’s arm as the camera swings around toward the wall and what appears to be a large and shadowy ghost figure.

The ghost shadow almost seems to observe the two for a moment, pausing, before drifting toward the corner of the room and fading into the wall.

According to Palmer, a shadowy Keeper Ghost has long been reported in Tutbury castle, reports that match what she and Acorah saw.

Visitors to Tutbury Castle have also often reported seeing other ghostly figures, as well as hearing footsteps and other noises, phenomena that Palmer says preceded their seeing the shadowy Keeper Ghost when they first attempted to start filming in the castle.

“We then began to record the introduction to the episode but were drowned out by tapping, banging and footsteps. They came from out of nowhere and we knew we were the only people in the castle at the time. It was just us and our two crew members in the room. We tried to find the source of the noise but it quickly went deathly quiet.”

Questions raised by writer, Kelly Roncace, regarding the authenticity of this captured shadow of the Keeper Ghost include that it could have simply been the shadow of one of the crew. Roncace also questions the light source and how the shadow could be seen even though its seems the footage was shot using “night-vision.”

Though she never heard these questions, Palmer answered both, explaining to the Mirror that a candle was burning in the room when the Keeper Ghost shadow showed up on the wall, and that there was no way the shadow could have been cast by anyone from their team.

“At around 11pm, Sean (the cameraman) went next door into the King’s Bedroom to set up a locked-off camera on a trigger object which would hopefully detect any activity. Derek was talking me through the energy in the room when I spotted the shadow over his shoulder by candlelight… I’ve seen a lot of things but I still react the same way every time – I clutched onto him, petrified. The figure stood there for a while, made its way across the room as though it was coming towards us and we then lost sight of it… To be sure what we’d seen wasn’t a shadow from one of the team, the cameraman swooped around the room with the camera to check (and) no-one else was there.”

Palmer emphasized also that her team is unsure if ghosts exist and generally try to find reasonable explanations for ghost sightings.

“We normally like to try and debunk things that we see because we still sit on the fence when it comes to ghosts, but we don’t think there’s any other explanation for what we saw.”

So until some other explanation surfaces, for the time being it seems that the shadowy Keeper Ghost does haunt the halls of Tutbury Castle, reflecting nearly 1,000 years of the castle’s haunted history.

[Image by Dave Harris via Wikipedia]