‘Big Brother 17’: Will Liz Backdoor Vanessa? [Spoilers]

There’s a declining pool of house guests on Big Brother 17, and it seems the entire house is on to the sneaky tactics of Vanessa Rousso. Becky Burgess’ attempt to backdoor Rousso last week failed, as James decided Shelli Poole was a bigger threat. Poole went to jury, as did one of James’ close allies, Jackie Ibarra, during the second half of the double eviction episode.

This week, Liz Nolan won Head of Household. As viewers saw on Sunday night, Becky outed Vanessa’s devious — and effective — game play to Liz, her sister Julia Nolan, and Austin Matelson, the remaining members of the defunct “Sixth Sense” alliance. Becky ended up on the block with John McGuire, but Vanessa is now on everyone’s radar.

So, will Vanessa be backdoored during the veto ceremony? And is there is a plan to get rid of her?

Warning: Spoilers from the Big Brother 17 live feeds to follow.

The short answers to those questions are: “no” and “sort of.” As Big Brother Network reported, Liz also won the Power of Veto. But she declined to use it, leaving John and Becky in the hot seats. At this point, it looks like Becky will be the next member of the jury.

The house is strategizing to get out Vanessa. But it’s not as simple as putting her on the block as an initial or backdoor nominee. There’s one more important factor: the returning juror twist.

As host Julie Chen told the house guests, just because a player goes to jury, doesn’t mean she’s out of the game. No details have been provided to the house guests. But in previous years, there has been a competition between the first few members of the jury and the winner has re-entered the house.

Although the house guests, including Austin, Liz and Julia, want Vanessa out, they don’t want her to come back. As a result, there has been debate about when Vanessa should be sent to the jury house.

As Big Brother Network reported, there was a late night talk on Monday that gave viewers a good idea of where the house guests’ heads are at. Steve Moses and John approached Liz and Julia to discuss Vanessa. The twins said they want to get out Vanessa, but they don’t want to do it themselves. They told John they will keep him safe this week and want him to target Vanessa.

John said the returning house guest twist normally involves the first four members of the jury, and they should not delay their plan to get out Vanessa. Steve said they should wait until that twist is over. John said that even if Vanessa has the chance to compete to come back into the house, she might not win, especially if she is against powerhouse players Becky, Shelli and Jackie.

Austin eventually joined the conversation. The group of five confirmed one of them must win HOH next week and then decide what to do. Austin has gone back and forth between having someone else target Vanessa and taking her out himself. He still remembers that Vanessa had planned to backdoor him the week that Jason Roy went home.

Big Brother 17 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays on CBS.

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