Josh Lucas, Jessica Henriquez Rekindling Their Relationship? The Couple Is Now Living Together Even After The Divorce

Josh Lucas divorced his wife of two years, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, about a year ago. However, the very-much-divorced couple has begun living together, in the same house, in New York.

Lucas and his ex-wife, Henriquez, are now living together indicated a source close to the couple, reported People. The couple has a 3-year-old son, Noah, who they love dearly, and it appears he is a big part of the current living arrangement of the divorced couple. While it may seem the couple is trying to get their broken marriage together, or at least rekindle their relationship, it isn’t the case, pointed out the source.

“Josh and Jessica are living together now, in New York City with Noah, their son. They moved in because she starts grad school at Columbia University in September and Josh’s show has him working insane hours.”

It turns out the New York living accommodations are ideal for the duo, and is the “smartest move for their family,” added the source. While Josh Lucas is busy shooting for the NBC series Mysteries of Laura, his ex-wife, Jessica Henriquez, is attending Columbia University. Henriquez intends to get her MFA in creative writing. The living arrangements also allows them to spend a little more time with their adorable son, Noah, who, at the tender age of 3, isn’t aware his parents have legally split.

“They recently moved in together so that they could both be with Noah as much as possible despite their schedules, with work and Columbia requiring so much time away.”

Josh Lucas and Jessica Henriquez’s divorce can certainly be considered amicable, if not strange. While it is not uncommon for divorced couples to stay close friends and even work together, Lucas and Henriquez have broken all traditional concepts of how a divorced couple behaves. In fact, they even took a multi-nation vacation, including Bali, earlier this year.

After suffering a tragic accident in which she completely lost hearing in one ear, Jessica Henriquez met Josh Lucas in a dog park and soon after, married him. The couple was then blessed with Noah. Lucas has been her closest confidant yet, admitted the writer, and he is such a sweetheart, Lucas proposed to her when she was undergoing treatment for cervical cancer.

Despite huge odds stacked against them, Noah was born, and hence it is quite obvious that the now-divorced couple will do anything to offer the kid a chance of growing up in a healthy relationship.

[Image Credit: D Dipasupil / Getty Images]