Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Aren’t On Team Zayn: They Side With Perrie, Calvin, And Taylor

Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have proved that their loyalties no longer lie with Zayn Malik now that he’s no longer a member of One Direction. Zayn is fully embracing his new career as a Twitter troll by alienating as many other artists as he can, and it looks like his former band mates aren’t big fans of the Bradford Bad Boy’s recent behavior — Harry allegedly thinks that he’s “toxic,” and now Louis seemingly enjoys watching other musicians criticize his old pal.

As many Zayniacs know, Zayn Malik and Calvin Harris recently got into a bit of a Twitter tiff after Zayn threw a little shade at Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend by retweeting a criticism of Taylor Swift’s decision to remove her music from Spotify. Calvin Harris decided to white knight his pop princess girlfriend by responding to Zayn’s tweet, and things quickly escalated. Zayn and Calvin’s beef reached its boiling point when Zayn called Calvin a “d**khead,” and Twitter went wild. The Inquisitr previously shared a play-by-play of the silly spat, if you’re interested.

Harry Styles didn’t step in to defend his former girlfriend, but the Daily Mail reports that sassypants Louis Tomlinson just couldn’t resist weighing in on the fascinating social media fight — he showed Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift that he’s on their side by favoriting one of Calvin’s tweets aimed at Zayn. The angry tweet included a bit of cursing.

According to Hollywood Life, Harry Styles has also weighed in on the Twitter beef, but he chose not to share his feelings in such a public manner — he went to an unnamed source instead. The One Direction star allegedly told this source that he thinks it “wasn’t cool” for Zayn to diss Taylor Swift. Harry and Taylor might be exes, but they’ve reportedly mended their relationship since their 2013 breakup. So if Zayn thought Harry would be on his side, he was wrong.

“Harry’s kind of worried about Zayn after his Twitter rants,” the Hollywood Life insider revealed. “He thought Zayn’s diss to Taylor was uncool and passive aggressive.”

The source went on to say that Harry Styles and his One Direction band mates have already decided that they never want to reunite with Zayn Malik because his behavior has become “too toxic.”

According to another rumor, Harry Styles also proved that he’s not on Team Zayn by siding with Perrie Edwards in the wake of their split. Zayn reportedly broke Perrie’s heart by dumping her via text, and Harry allegedly felt sorry for the Little Mix singer.

“His heart immediately went out to Perrie and he called her up straight away,” a source told the Daily Star. “He’s very spontaneous that way. It meant a lot to her.”

Are you sad to see Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson taking actions that show that the rift between One Direction and Zayn Malik is continuing to grow? Or do you think Zayn is behaving like a brat and needs to be called out for it?

[Image credit: Jason Merritt/Getty]