Mega Millions Winning Numbers August 18: Watch Jackpot Drawing Live — Do You Have The Winning Ticket?

Do you have the winning Mega Millions numbers for August 18? Tuesday night’s jackpot is worth $39 million — match five numbers and the Mega Ball and you will be an instant multi-millionaire even if you have to split the jackpot with another winner.

Tonight’s Mega Millions numbers will be drawn at 11 p.m. ET. Grab your ticket and download the free LotteryHUB app for iPhone and Android devices to watch the live drawing. If you miss the drawing, the app will alert you if you are a winner — just enter your ticket numbers into the app and you will be notified if your numbers are a match.

The winning Mega Millions numbers for August 18 are: 2-7-33-39-53 MB 9 Megaplier 3

There hasn’t been a Mega Millions jackpot winner since July 31 when one lucky lottery player in Missouri won $25 million. According to the Multi-State Lottery Association, it was the first time someone from Missouri won a jackpot prize since the state joined the popular lottery game in 2010. The winner has yet to come forward and has 180 days from the drawing date to claim the prize.

Wondering how much you will get if you win the $39 million jackpot on Tuesday night? If you beat the odds (1 in 259 million) you will have to decide between a one-time payment based on the cash value of Friday night’s jackpot ($24 million), or a 30-year annuity. According to USA Mega, here’s how the payouts break down:

  • Lump Sum Payment: A check or direct deposit for $18,225,000 after federal taxes are deducted. If you live in a state that taxes lottery winnings, state tax will also be deducted from your check. There are no state taxes on lottery prizes in California, Delaware, Florida, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.
  • 30-Year Annuity: $975,000 per year, after federal taxes and before state taxes, if applicable.

Tonight’s jackpot is not the biggest in the history of the game, but it’s still a great return on a $1 investment if you manage to win the jackpot. If no one wins, it will take quite awhile for the jackpot to grow to an amount that will beat the biggest giveaway on record — $656 million.

On March 30, 2012, three ticket-holders split the $656 million jackpot, one that still stands as the biggest jackpot of all time not only for Mega Millions, but for all lottery games, including Powerball.

[Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News]