Jenelle Evans’ Ex-Fiancé, Nathan Griffith, Arrested On ‘Teen Mom 2’ [Video]

Jenelle Evans’ ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffith, gets arrested on Thursday’s new episode of Teen Mom 2, Season 6. According to a sneak peek shared by Starcasm on August 17, police are called to the South Carolina home of Jenelle Evans after a neighbor reportedly heard her yelling, “Get off of me.”

After police arrive, Jenelle Evans is seen showing off her injuries, which reportedly included a cut pinky finger. Meanwhile, Griffith is taken out of their home in handcuffs, and proceeds to beg his then-girlfriend, Jenelle Evans, to tell police what really happened between them.

“Jenelle, you know I didn’t… Jenelle! You know I didn’t do anything. Please Jenelle, can you tell them? I didn’t do anything! Jenelle, please! Please, I’ll do anything. Tell them. Please! You know I didn’t do anything. I never laid a hand on her. I never laid anything on her. Why am I being arrested? Because I am a guy? Jenelle can you please tell them? You know the truth.”

As Griffith pleaded with Jenelle Evans to help him, she remained focused on filling out paperwork, likely a police report, and didn’t bat an eyelash, despite Griffith’s pleas and tears.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jenelle Evans and her ex-fiancé recently ended their relationship after months of on-and-off dating, following their engagement in January. Since then, both Jenelle Evans and Griffith have released statements regarding their split, Jenelle Evans to Entertainment Tonight, and Griffith to Radar Online.

“I was with Jessie before and I’m with her again. [Jenelle Evans] and I are not together and I did not cheat on her. She knows we have been broken up,” Griffith said of the split earlier this month. “[Jenelle Evans] kept telling me ‘I’m going to ruin your life,’ and I just don’t care anymore. I don’t care. I can’t take it anymore… Jenelle is addicted to drama.”

According to Griffith, he is completely content in his new relationship with Jessica Henry, but insists he didn’t cheat on Jenelle Evans with his new lady.

“I have been with Jessie every day now. Jessie and I were broken up for a little while but we are back together now. I didn’t cheat on [Jenelle Evans] and she knows it.”

Charges against Jenelle Evans’ ex-fiancé were dropped weeks after his arrest.

For more Jenelle Evans, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6 on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV, and check out a sneak peek of this week’s new episode below.

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