Jim Osche Video: Man Croons Oldie Outside Restaurant, Police Body Slam Him Out Of ‘Fear’

Jim Osche is a 61-year-old Allentown, Pennsylvania, man who found out the hard way what can happen when someone doesn’t like your singing. While most performers have to worry about little worse than a bad review or an unappreciative audience, Osche last Friday found himself body-slammed to the ground by a police officer — a disturbing incident captured in two separate videos which have gone viral this week.

As the videos — viewable on this page both above and at the foot of this article — show that Osche, a self-described athletic trainer, was crooning the 1965 Beach Boys hit “Barbara Ann” outside the upscale eatery Shula’s Steak House.

The location would not have been unexpected. Osche is a known local character in Allentown, whose slightly off-key crooning can often be heard on the streets of the city’s downtown district.

The videos show Osche’s rendition of “Barbara Ann” interrupted by a police officer, later identified as Patrolman Robert Busch, as well as a two other men who appear to be private security guards. According to one witness who later posted an account on Facebook, “a grumpy elder called the cops” on Osche.

View the video to see what happens next, as Busch’s official police account appears to differ from what can be viewed in the videos.

In the video, Osche is certainly unhappy at the officer’s presence, pointing his finger at Busch and at one point audibly telling the officer and the apparent security guards, “You get out of here.”

Osche then walks away. But before he can leave, Busch grabs him and body-slams the 61-year-old to the sidewalk.

According to Busch’s official report of the incident — which notes that Osche was delivering his rendition of “Barbara Ann” on private property — as uncovered by the Allentown Morning Call newspaper, Osche’s actions caused “fear” in the police officer.

The street singer, “immediately became very hostile and began yelling in my face,” the officer wrote in his report — adding that he felt the violent body-slam was necessary because the officer “feared (Osche) may try to fight.”

The report apparently did not mention that Osche was attempting to walk away with his back turned when the officer grabbed and body-slammed him. Or, so it appears in the videos.

Osche, who has had previous minor altercations with police — including an incident in which he allegedly bit an officer on the finger — said that he was kept in a holding cell for 90 minutes and required medical treatment.

Jim Osche now says he is in contact with civil rights attorneys and plans to sue the Allentown police over the “Barbara Ann” incident.

[Image: YouTube Screen Grab]