Dancing ‘Football Player’ With Cheerleaders Goes Viral: ‘Arizona Rattlers Football Dancing Player’ Gets 500,000+ YouTube Views [Video]

The YouTube video titled “Arizona Rattlers Football Dancing Player” has racked up more than 500,000 views in two days, with good reason. The one-minute, 22-second long video begins with standard football game fare: cheerleaders writhing around to Janet Jackson’s “Black Cat” song, enticing others and dressing up the green field with their presence and beauty. All of a sudden, a “football player” with “Oscar 75” jumps in the middle of the women and rocks out the dance, twerking better than any cheerleader on the field.

Turns out the football player, named “Oscar,” was in on the joke, and wasn’t a football player at all, but the dance coordinator. No wonder he twerks so well. The crowd loved the routine and went wild as the action from Oscar perked them up into cheers.

Outtakes from the “Arizona Rattlers Football Dancing Player” YouTube video in the category of comedy were shown on the Today show. Plenty of the comments on YouTube about the video prove that video viewers don’t like the low quality of the video.

“I’m not sure what’s more impressive….this guy’s dancing or the miracle potato this was filmed with.”

The dancing football player is actually a dancer/choreographer named Oscar, reports Arizona Sports. And while Oscar isn’t actually a football player, he proved he has great moves during his now-viral YouTube performance with the Sidewinders Saturday evening. That is what can be seen in the blurry video, which was somehow clearer when shown on the Today show.

“I think I saw one of the nine pixels dancing, not sure though.”

Oscar’s dance moves might’ve helped inspire the Rattlers to their 72-41 playoff win on Saturday. The Rattlers beat the Spokane Shock at the U.S. Airways Center, but it’s Oscar’s dance routine that has gone viral. Despite the blurriness of the video, some tech nerds are praising the fact that it’s not a vertical video, something techies seem to abhor.

“Hey at least it’s not vertical.”

“How do you even get this kind of footage in 2015?”

The Arizona Rattlers “football player” who dances with the dance team, as reported by FOXSports.com‎, is actually Oscar Hernandez.

As reported by the Inquisitr, besides the professional Sidewinders choreographer who enters about 48 seconds into the YouTube video and steals the show, another set of YouTube stars going viral include the sorority sisters at the University of Alabama. Unfortunately, those Alpha Phi ladies came under criticism for a lack of diversity and too much sexuality.

[Image via YouTube]