19-Year-Old Tarsha Whitmore Spreads Legs In Bikini So Tiny, It Should Be Illegal

Tarsha Whitmore is proving that her fierce body can handle the tiniest of bikinis. The Australian model and social media sensation wears her two-piece swimsuits as somewhat of her trademark, although the 19-year-old is also equally loved for her trendy daytime looks, sultry lingerie snaps, and her deep brown eyes that seem to be the cherry on the cake. The blonde has updated her Instagram with some fresh swimwear – likely the perfect update for anyone having a bit of a dull Tuesday.

Tarsha's update today came straight from Australian sands. While the model does seem to be somewhat of a globe-trotter, she enjoys the stunning shores in her native Australia. As to the photo, well, it was definitely heating things up. Tarsha appeared planted on sands as she modeled the extremely tiny two-piece, with full-frontal positioning showing the star sitting on a leopard-print towel with her legs spread. Eyes were likely on the assets barely being contained by the white two-piece, though. The blonde's killer cleavage was making quite a display, although the finish is always tasteful with this Instagram face.

Tarsha appeared stunning and bronzed, with fans seeing her shapely hips, slim waist, and toned arms. A bonus for fans was likely Tarsha's face being so clearly visible – this girl is, after all, a total beauty.

Tarsha posed for her photo with a sideways gaze and one hand shielding her eyes from the sun.

The update appeared to prove a hit in no time, racking up over 3,300 likes within just 12 minutes of going live. Yes, this girl comes with followers awaiting her updates (and they're there to leave the likes when they arrive). The same time frame brought over 49 fans into the post's comments section. As to the responses left, fans mostly appeared floored by Tarsha's insane bikini body, plus her beauty.
While many updates from Tarsha see her acting as an influencer, today's post bucked the trend. The model is now so successful that she has an ambassador status with Oh Polly; the affordable clothing brand definitely chose a great face. Tarsha will name-drop other brands, but her loyalty lies with Oh Polly. As for today, Tarsha only appeared out to showcase her love of the beach, her stylish fashion choice, plus offering fans a little reminder that she wasn't alone in the image – the caption more than suggested that.Tarsha recently made The Inquisitr's headlines for a stunning lingerie update. Fans wishing to see just what Tarsha rocks next should follow the model's Instagram.