WWE News: Huge Update On WWE And WWN Working Together Soon, WWE Officials At Recent iPPV

WWE has been improving it’s developmental system vastly since 2012 and 2013. WWE NXT was opened as well as the WWE Performance Center, both were present to help grow younger talent. It was fun to see the transition from what developmental was years ago to what it is today. While WWE has clearly improved their developmental system, it appears that WWE might be attempting to make things even better.

For months now, we have heard of WWE potentially partnering up with WWN, the parent company to EVOLVE. WWE was rumored to have been in discussions with WWN to offer them a six-figure amount per year to help with bringing in talent, putting them under contract, and giving WWE first access to them once WWN feels they are ready for the next level.

According to PWInsider.com, WWN officials will meet with WWE officials such as Triple H on Saturday, some time before the NXT special later that night. It is said that WWN will have people backstage at the NXT event, most likely to know how WWE operates. WWE sent one of their guys to the EVOLVE iPPV over the weekend, most likely to observe how WWN runs their business.

This means most likely that WWE and WWN will be working together soon, as WWE would never send any of their guys to an Indy event unless they were scouts or there to observe something.


According to Daily Wrestling News, Paul Heyman is a big supporter of the deal taking place. He feels it would be fantastic for WWE to get WWN on their side. He also hopes that if the two sides can work out a deal, they will hire Gabe Sapolsky as a WWE scout. Gabe currently helps to run WWN, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea if the two sides are working together. Gabe used to run Ring of Honor and helped to discover some of the top Indy names on the last 10 years.

Coincidentally, Gabe is also Heyman’s protégé, as they worked together at ECW years ago. Gabe spent a short time in WWE, but he has mainly been an Indy scene guru for the last 15 years. No one is hating him for it, as he has helped to discover major names. That said, his scouting ability is probably better than anyone WWE has right now. WWE is finding guys after they already made names for themselves, while Gabe finds guys and girls before that and helps to make them into stars. That said, if he did this and was able to keep talent under the WWN banner via contract, WWE could pluck people out as they see fit after Gabe works on them.

It also keeps talent away from NJPW and TNA, as well as GFW. It would also allow WWE to control the Indy scene a good bit. Plus, if great talent is under the WWN banner, clearly, the company will make better money on PPVs, as well. WWE gets the talent at the end of the day. So, it works well for all involved. We’ll probably know a lot more by the weekend on the relationship between WWE and WWN.

[IMG Credits: WWN.com, Fansided]