Oprah offers free KFC meal, not long now until PETA goes mental

Oprah is about to become PETA public enemy number one, with a promotion on her show today for free food from KFC.

The offer, open to Oprah viewers in the United States, offers "two pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides and a biscuit" at any KFC store on presentation of a voucher available via www.oprah.com/kfc. KFC has is promoting its new "Kentucky Grilled Chicken" product, which is claimed to be healthier than normal KFC chicken

To obtain a free meal, coupons must printed today before 11:00 PM US Eastern Time. Users can print a maximum of three coupons that must be used before May 19, however the rules say one coupon per person only (so go to three outlets, or share among family members.)

Any promotion of KFC always has one given: PETA will go mental. There's nothing on PETA's website yet, but you can already guess what the formal response will be.