Vote On Which Xbox One Game Press Play Should Make Next

Press Play, the developer behind Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, is developing its next Xbox One game and needs the gamers’ help to decide which title to build. The studio has three different concepts with prototypes built, and wants your vote on which should be built first.

The Xbox One already has a strong exclusive lineup coming for 2015 and 2016. Now, Press Play is exploring three multiplayer-based game concepts that are wildly different otherwise.

Project: Dwarka is a dark fantasy first-person co-op game set in a procedurally-generated world full of dwarves and monsters.

Meanwhile, Project: Karoo is an open-world construction game with a physics twist that allows players to build basic vehicles to complex machines.

Finally, Project: Knoxville is a third-person action-survival game set in a sadistic gameshow, similar to The Hunger Games and The Running Man. Players can make alliances with other players and then turn around and stab them in the back to get ahead.

Voting for the three projects starts today, and runs through September 1. Press Play will then announce the winner on September 4, and develop it into its “most ambitious game yet” for the Xbox One.

You can check out the proof of concept videos for each of the three games below, along with an official description of each.

Project: Dwarka

“Team up with a group of friends and become a band of legendary dwarven treasure hunters, exploring a procedurally generated underworld filled with gold and monstrosities. As dwarves, you are experts in underground survival and have the tools to overcome any obstacle in your way – be they bottomless pits, insurmountable walls, collapsed mines, flooded tunnels…or deadly monsters. Get the gold! Get out! Leave no dwarf behind!”

Project: Karoo

“A physics based multiplayer construction game set in an open world. Imagine a game where you got to play as an inventor who had the ability to construct any kind of vehicle. A game where you could travel far and wide in your inventions and bring back new parts and valuable items. Imagine the inventions were all subject to the laws of physics; if they collided with objects or the ground, they would split into a thousand pieces. Imagine a game world where new places were regularly discovered and ready to be explored. Imagine your friends could be there too.”

Project: Knoxville

“A 3rd person multiplayer action-survival game in which players must both work together and against each other. It is framed as a sadistic game show somewhat similar to the ones seen in The Hunger Games and The Running Man. But here’s the thing: All of the contestants can survive if they work together and don’t let greed or personal gain get the best of them. With this game we aim to go further than anyone else, when it comes to dynamic relationships and spectator interaction.”

Which of these three catches your fancy? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Press Play]