September 17, 2019
Tammy Hembrow Shows Off Insanely Toned Booty In The Kitchen As She Whips Up Protein Shake

Australian social media superstar Tammy Hembrow took fans into her kitchen on Tuesday when she posted a video of herself making her favorite protein shake. But it wouldn't be a Tammy Hembrow post is she didn't take time out to show off her amazingly toned glutes. In the clip, the blond bombshell is wearing a white sports bra and matching short-shorts. At the beginning of the video, she turns around to reveal that the shorts show off a generous portion of her derriere. The bra she's wearing also accentuates her enviable cleavage.

The post is actually sponsored content for a health food company called Woman's Best. In the caption, Tammy says that her favorite flavor of protein shake is chocolate coconut.

In the comments, fans expressed appreciation for the video and some of them seemed to forget that it was about a protein shake. But one commenter expressed what sounded like resentment about Tammy's popularity on the social media platform.

"What the hell, I can [sic] twill my hair poke my tongue out and put 3 scoops in my protein shaker wheres my 9.9M followers at?" they asked.

Tammy didn't respond to that but she did jump into the comments to let her fans know that her outfit was from her brand, Saski Collection. She wears clothes from Saski quite frequently, which likely helps a lot with sales since she has almost 10 million followers on Instagram. It's clearly an athleisure brand for the girls who want to look like her so it makes sense for her to consistently wear the product.

As The Inquisitr reported, on Tuesday she also posted a photo in which she's rocking some of the newest items from Saski -- a "lemon-drop" yellow crop top and booty shorts. Just like in her most recent Instagram video, she made sure that viewers got a good look at her butt in the photo.

Saski Collection was founded in 2017 and is named after Tammy's youngest daughter, Saskia. According to an article by the Daily Mail, it brought it over $2 million dollars in revenue during its first year in business.

But most new ventures struggle during the first year and Saski was no different. Tammy told the outlet that during their first product release, keeping up with client demand was very challenging because their production processes weren't streamlined. But that's a problem they've managed to rectify since then, she added.

Given the success she's had, it's easy to see that this was something she envisioned for herself early on in her career as an influencer.

'Since the beginning I've always wanted my own clothing label. I pretty much live in gym clothes and wanted something that I would personally wear,' she said. 'With Saski Collection I was able to marry fitness and fashion, it was the perfect match.'