Tamra Judge Reveals Who She Thinks Is The Real 'Pot Stirrer' On 'The Real Housewives Of Orange County'

Tamra Judge has had her fair share of ups and downs on the Real Housewives of Orange County. First, there is her up and down relationship with sometime bestie Vicki Gunvalson. This season, it seems that Tamra has finally come to accept Brooks Ayers as the man in her friend's life, just in time for Brooks and Vicki to break up.

Then there was the nasty break-up with her second husband, Simon Barney, which played out while Bravo cameras were rolling.

But, the most dramatic moment for Tamra Judge may have possibly been while in Bali with the other ladies last year. After Tamra seemed to stir the pot most of the season, she was confronted by the other ladies, which led to Tamra literally running away from dinner.

Tamra seems to have learned her lesson from that trip and addressed who is really the pot stirrer on Season 10 of the RHOC in her latest Bravo blog.

"Honestly, after what happened in Bali last year I decided that I would be very open about any conversation we have about another person while they are not there. Last year's game of telephone was so twisted and such BS! I'm not playing their game again! Heather called me the next morning and asked me 'did you guys talk about me', I said YES we did. Jimmy's ex was brought up while talking about Meghan and Shannon thought you broke the 'girl code'. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED."
Her early morning conversation lead to Heather Dubrow confronting the other ladies about what exactly had been said the night before. Which is when Tamra decided that Dubrow may be the pot stirrer of Season 10.
"So why was I so pissed when Heather tells the story TOTALLY DIFFERENT? I never said anything about being negative or that Shannon was being mean or whatever she said I said. I knew 100% I was going to bring it up at dinner and put it on the table. New rule... if you say it behind their back you should be able to tell them to their face. That was exactly what I was doing. If you have a problem with the TRUTH that is NOT my problem and it doesn't qualify me as being a pot stirrer. If Heather would have said, 'Hey Shannon I hear you think I'm breaking girl code by being friends with Meghan,' I would have no reason to get upset. The truth is the truth is the truth!"
The truth? For anyone who actually watches the show, the truth seems to be that Shannon did say she had issues with Heather being friends with Jim Edmonds' wives -- past and present. She also seems to have issues with everything about Meghan King Edmonds, so that fact that she thinks Heather broke "girl code" only added fuel to the fire.

Tamra concluded her blog with a simple statement about what she will and will not do with her costars for the remainder of Season 10. "I'M NOT PLAYING THIS GAME ANYMORE WITH THESE GIRLS!"

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[Image Courtesy: Bravo]