When ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Set To ‘Sesame Street’ Theme, It’s All Smiles And Beheadings

Caution. Spoilers are coming. There is gore beyond the wall of YouTube. Come and play. Everyone’s flayed today.

Sesame Street is coming…to HBO. For the next five years, new episodes will air on the premium channel, as per Digital Spy. When Games of Thrones welcomes Sesame Street to share the HBO small screen, it’s done Red Wedding style. It is, at least, when it’s done Toronto TV-writer David Elmaleh’s way according to A.V. Club.

The cast are all smiles. Some are dancing. Some are being beheaded. Wolves attack. Knights drown in their own blood. Welcome to Game of Thrones. Juxtapose the Sesame Street theme song, and it’s time to put the kiddies to bed before watching.

The video starts out with a fly-in to King’s Landing, where a happy harmonica finds the Kingslayer jiving in time to the beat. Next, it’s a mashup of Grey Worm’s bath time, Arya Stark falling with sword in hand, and Brienne of Tarth cracking up to something that N-is-for-Naughty Ser Jaime Lannister must have just thrown down out of character.

Cersei Lannister makes a face for the camera and screen edits lead to bloody laughter as shrill voices sing, “On my way to where the air is sweet.”

“Everything’s A-OK,” as Petyr Baelish pushes new wife Lysa through the moon door to her death. The Sesame Street kid voices chime in with “Friendly neighbors…” just as the hauntingly creepy undead children stand ready to put an end to a stunned Karsi at the Battle of Hardhome. Yep. “Friendly neighbors there, that’s where we meet!”

As the song continues, young singers innocently ask, “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?” Meanwhile, Ned Stark is beheaded, Red Wedding gore ensues and Tyrion Lannister twirls in dance to a Jazz hands ending. The scene fades to the Game of Thrones sign in traditional yellow, white and green Sesame Street colors. There’s a sweet little chalked out hashtag of #WinterIsComing as an especially educational treat.

Laughter fades. Next, Elmo watches through a frame as Viserys Targaryen meets his end under a crown of molten gold given him by Khal Drogo.

Fear not, non-HBO subscribers. Though Home Box Office will have rights to the series and only air them for paid subscribers through HBO networks, Sesame Street episodes will continue to air on PBS after a nine-month window. New SS episodes will air late fall 2015.

Just this past Sunday the Inquisitr reported that Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is considering writing a total of eight books in his Songs of Ice and Fire series. The sixth book is on its way as Season 5 of the hit show concluded earlier this year.

Meanwhile, let the Game of Videos continue. Earlier this year, a Sesame Street parody of Game of Thrones entitled Game of Chairs made its way to YouTube, starring none other than Grover Bluejoy.

[Image via YouTube screen capture]