Kim Zolciak Denies Nose Job, Joins List Of Reality Stars Who Say They’ve Never Had Plastic Surgery

Kim Zolciak has joined a new list: celebrities who deny plastic surgery.

On Sunday, Zolciak sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, and it wasn’t long before the Bravo host called Kim out on what he believes to be a little plastic surgery.

“I interviewed you for the Atlanta Housewives’ 100th episode special. I was staring at your face for a long time, and it was clear to me that you looked a little different to me, I couldn’t tell, you said, ‘No, no, no, no.’ “

Cohen went on, accusing Zolciak of wearing glasses in an effort to hide the fact that she’d had a bit of plastic surgery on her nose.

“Tonight you arrive wearing glasses, and I’m thinking, ‘Why is she wearing these librarian-that-can-be-seduced glasses?’ And now I realized, it is to take away from the fact that you have had a little bit shaved off your nose. I really feel that way.”

Of course, Zolciak continued to deny the nose job. She even took her glasses off so that Andy Cohen could get a better look at her face. Kim readily admits to Botox injections, but insists that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery on her face.

“Andy, I’m very honest with plastic surgery. Obviously I’ve never hidden anything. We all know I do Botox, I’m a big fan of it. My lips are definitely overdrawn.”

The Don’t Be Tardy star went on to say that her different look could be attributed to a new makeup artist and the fact that she’s had six children — three of her pregnancies have been relatively recent. Though Kim Zolciak denies plastic surgery on her face, she does admit to having had a tummy tuck and breast enlargement surgery.

Zolciak-Biermann isn’t the only celebrity who, this month, has denied having cosmetic work done. Paris Hilton was recently in the news because she, too, denies plastic surgery. When speaking to New You earlier this month, Hilton admitted that she’s glad she “listened to her mom” when she was young because now she looks younger than they do. Hilton talked to New You.

“I’ve never done any (plastic surgery) in my life. People love making things up, but I am very lucky that I listened to my mom through my young age.”

Hilton went on to say that her dermatologist has gone so far as to refuse her plastic surgery services.

“I even asked my dermatologist if I should do (plastic surgery), and he’s like, ‘I refuse to do it to you… your skin is so perfect. I will not do it to you until you need it, and I don’t know if you ever will.'”

What do you think about Paris Hilton’s claims? When Kim Zolciak denies plastic surgery, do you think she’s being honest?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]