Samantha Steffen Apologizes To Juelia Kinney For ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Treatment

Samantha Steffen regrets how she treated her friend Juelia Kinney on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise. On Tuesday, as the latest episode aired, Samantha posted a series of tweets that expressed embarrassment over her involvement with Joe Bailey and horror at what she did to Juelia.

Samantha first explained and clarified some of the things that viewers saw. Regarding the text that she supposedly sent to Joe, telling him to do whatever it takes to get a rose before she joined the show, Samantha admitted that she did send Joe such a text but that it was taken out of context. It seems that Samantha is claiming her text was innocent and that it wasn’t meant to encourage Joe to take advantage of or mislead people in order to get a rose.

“#felonyFoshooo 🙀😳😈🚔🚨🚨🚨 #bachelorinparadise #bip#bachelornation text: ‘do whatever it takes to get a rose.’ Translation: You seem like a nice person, maybe we will meet.#outofcontext.”


Regarding her hot tub scene with Joe, Samantha expressed disgust over it and made clear that she didn’t get near Joe’s privates.

#ew hot tub scene looked gross.Sorry 2 disappoint but woulda never happened I knew my mama would b watching!#idontevenknowifhehasaweiner lol”

On Monday night’s episode, Joe Bailey ditched Juelia Kinney, who he made fun of for being dumb, for Samantha Steffen upon her arrival. Juelia, who wrongly believed that she and Joe had something genuine after their date and didn’t know that he was just using her to get a rose, finally realized that the others’ warnings about Joe were true. Reasoning that Samantha, who she became friends with during their time on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, would appreciate being warned about Joe’s behavior, Juelia met with Samantha for a frank talk about Joe.

Unfortunately for Juelia Kinney, Samantha Steffen didn’t want to hear it. Right after Juelia started talking, Samantha stopped her and said that she didn’t want to continue the conversation unless Joe Bailey was in the room. When Juelia tried to continue what she wanted to say, Samantha cut her off again. She then proclaimed what a great connection she has with Joe.

“I can’t even tell you how good I feel in that situation though. I’m just on cloud nine.”

Samantha later told the camera that Juelia was wrong for trying to warn her about Joe.

“It’s just so silly, her calling him out.”

Bachelor in Paradise viewers then saw Samantha deny that she plotted with Joe prior to the filming of the show, maintaining that they just sent a few texts to one another. But then she was caught coaching Joe on how to make them seem less guilty.

Regarding that scene, Samantha asked people to stop throwing her under the bus. She admitted she tried to downplay their texts. She also admitted that she was swept up in passion. She maintained that she had “no idea the extent of what happened.”

Juelia Kinney is now laughing off how Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen treated her on Bachelor in Paradise. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Juelia, as Monday night’s episode aired, posted to Twitter and Instagram that got back at Joe. As Tuesday night’s episode aired, prior to their appearance on the After Paradise show, Juelia tweeted a photo of her jokingly helping prep JJ Lane, who came to her defense against Joe on the latest episode, for more carnage.

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