Rihanna Scared Matt Barnes Dating Rumors Will Impact Relationship With Lewis Hamilton?

Rihanna may have called out Matt Barnes for falsely claiming that they are past “the crush stage” in their friendship, but did Rihanna put the NBA star on blast to protect her budding relationship with Lewis Hamilton?

According to sources close to Rihanna, the “Diamonds” singer is “seriously mad” at Barnes for further fueling “bull****” dating rumors for fear that it may negatively impact her growing romance with Lewis Hamilton, Gossip Cop reports.

The Rihanna insider dishes that while Rihanna is not happy with Barnes’ attempt to promote their fake relationship for publicity, the “B**** Better Have My Money” singer doesn’t want Hamilton to think she’s been lying to him about the nature of their relationship.

The source goes on to explain that Rihanna and Hamilton are still in the “early stages” of getting to know one another, and she doesn’t want Hamilton to question whether or not she’s been honest with him about dating other people.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Rihanna took to Instagram on August 16 to combat Barnes’ dating claims after he dished to TMZ that he and Rihanna are evolving past “the crush stage” in their relationship.

In his brief interview with TMZ, Barnes denies having gone on “two dates” with the singer, but notes that there’s a “possibility” of a future with the Barbadian singer.

While Rihanna is no stranger to calling out her haters on social media, the source further explains that Rihanna doesn’t want Barnes “messing up” her relationship with Hamilton because of his “bull****.”

The source also notes that Rihanna is “seriously mad” at Barnes’ attempt to use her for her celebrity status, explaining Rihanna’s decision to use scathing hashtags such as “#thedevilisaliar,” “sheneverevenmetyou,” and “#defemationofcharacter” in her Instagram post about the incident.

While Rihanna continues to garner praise from fans regarding her social media blast on Barnes, one of the Memphis Grizzlies’ former teammates appears to be throwing him under the bus as well.

According to Barnes’ former Los Angeles Clippers teammate Glen “Big Baby” Davis, Barnes has more than a “crush” on Rihanna.

Fox Sports reports that during an interview with Maggie Gray, Davis gives his opinion on the ongoing feud between Rihanna and Barnes.

“I think he likes her,” Davis admitted, “I think he just had a big crush. He said a little too much. He has a crush. It’s just a little high school fling thing.”

“He’s just obsessed with her. Like on the plane, he talks about her all the time…It was just something friendly, Rihanna didn’t have to kill him like that,” Davis concluded.

While the NBA player’s teammates may be coming to his defense after Rihanna’s Instagram attack, what do you think of Rihanna’s decision to call out Matt Barnes?

[Image Credit: Getty Images / Bryan Bedder / Jason Merritt]