WWE News: Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio Returning To WWE Soon?

Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio has been very busy since leaving WWE officially earlier this year. It was rumored that the lucha veteran was not able to truly work the WWE schedule without getting hurt. WWE is known to have one of the most grueling schedules in all of pro-wrestling and entertainment itself. WWE Superstars and Divas have been known to spend over 300 days on the road either wrestling or doing media. The top stars have even more responsibility.

In Rey Mysterio’s case, he was one of the top Hispanic stars for WWE in his time. Barring Eddie Guerrero, one could say he was THE Hispanic star for WWE. WWE knew this and wanted to help build up other stars to get on the same level as Rey or at least get close, but they still have yet to do so. While many believe Kalisto is the second coming of Rey Mysterio, he is not used nearly as much in singles as Rey was most of his career.

This could be helpful for Rey, who is rumored to have interest in rejoining WWE once again.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Rey Mysterio has yet to sign a contract with Lucha Underground or AAA Wrestling at all. With the future of Lucha Underground still up in the air, Rey was said to have put out feelers regarding a return to WWE. Mysterio stated in recent interviews that he left WWE on good terms, and hoped to one day return to the company. Mysterio seemingly had nothing but nice things to say about WWE when asked.

It is thought that Rey is being so positive due to him trying to do damage control so that he could look good in the eyes of WWE management if he ever did talk to them about a return.

It is said that WWE is not too keen on the idea of Rey Mysterio returning to the company. It is thought that WWE might end up bringing him back due to the lack of top Hispanic stars. Rey could very well work Mexican Tours or do some small part-time stuff with WWE like many legends have done over the years.

Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho come and go with WWE, never staying for too long but both have good rivalries and end up in good spots for PPVs. If Mysterio did a schedule like this, he could avoid injury and work a schedule that wouldn’t keep him away from his family as long as his last deal did. WWE very well might bring back Rey Mysterio for a short-term deal to see how it works out. If having them there just to help grow some attention to the younger Hispanic stars is all he does, he could be very essential to WWE. It is now just a waiting game to see if WWE bites.

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