Is Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift Armani’s New Underwear Campaign Couple?

Cute couple Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris have been offered $10 million to strip down to their underwear to be the new faces, um, bodies of the Armani underwear campaign. Armani is confident that the combination of Swift & Harris would be successful in the way David & Victoria Beckham were for the Armani brand.

HollywoodLife is reporting that the contract is out there, and Armani believes that fans everywhere are eager to see Swift and Harris in their skivvies. The couple is hot right now, and hot for each other, so how can Armani lose?

Calvin Harris is already a brand spokesman, according to Eonline, so they might already have a foot in the door for negotiations.

“Armani bosses reckon Taylor and Calvin could emulate the success of [David and Victoria],” a source told the Daily Star. “The Taylor offer is initially around the $10 million mark but that sum could then triple with global promotion if the campaign is successful.”

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris are considered perhaps the worlds cute couple right now, and draw a wide audience. According to InTouch, Harris, a Scottish DJ, is already making waves with his amazingly cut physique stripped down to his Armanis.

A source has told InTouch that the offer on the table could triple, as Swift is perhaps the most marketable star out there right now. “The Taylor offer is initially around the $10 million mark, but that sum could then triple with global promotion if the campaign is successful.”

The Mirror, which calls Swift/Harris “the richest couple in the world,” believes they will be much wealthier if they agree to strip down to their drawers for Armani.

Latinospost is optimistic that the couple will say yes, as Calvin Harris has modeled for Armani underwear and Emporio Armani, but the ball seems now to be in Taylor Swift’s court.

“Since Harris is not new to the underwear modeling scene, it appears as if everything now relies on Swift’s decision. It would stir much controversy and definitely garner attention to see the Grammy-award winner in a different light.”

So stay tuned to see if the hottest couple in the music industry, and perhaps right now in the whole entertainment industry will strip down for Armani and a few million dollars.

Would you want to see Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris in their underwear?

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images]