Margaret Cho Divorcing: 11-Year Marriage For Cho, Al Ridenour Ending After Trial Separation

Margaret Cho is divorcing. According to NewsOXY, the comedienne and her artist husband, Al Ridenour, are ending their 11-year marriage several months after the two decided to do a trial separation. In her divorce papers filed in court last Wednesday, Margaret Cho claims that she and Ridenour have been separated since September 2014. She cited the ever-popular irreconcilable differences as the reason for her divorce filing. The couple does not have any children, so there weren’t any custody issues to work out. It is unknown if the two had a prenuptial agreement.

Sources say that Cho has been having a hard time dealing with this split.

“It’s been really, really hard for her. She’s going through a really rough time and she’s really sad about it,” shared a source.

Cho has not released a public statement of any kind following her filing.

Margaret Cho is divorcing now two years after telling the world that she is bisexual. In 2013, Cho was proud to talk about her sexuality and how she and Al had an “open marriage.” It is something that she said “worked” for them, and she seemed totally cool with how the two handled their relationship behind closed doors.

“I think when you have an open relationship you have to have boundaries, but ultimately, you want emotional monogamy with somebody no matter what,” she told Oprah Winfrey at the time.

According to the SpreadIt, it is unclear exactly why things didn’t work out for Margaret and Al, but some say that it may have been their open marriage agreement that ruined their actual marriage, since the idea basically negates the idea of being monogamous and goes against what most people view as a “healthy marriage.”

“Those, who think open marriage is a bad concept, are using Margaret Cho’s divorce as an example to prove that it can not work. Those commentators asked some very interesting questions: Why do people who want to have sex with other people get married in the first place? Can jealousy get turned off like a switch?”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a rep for Cho refused to comment on the divorce filing. Margaret Cho and Al Ridenour likely will not reconcile romantically. It is unclear if the two are amicable or if they will continue to be friends in the future.

Are you surprised Margaret Cho is divorcing?

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