Facebook Page Fools Jennifer Aniston Fans With Fake Wedding Dress

A Facebook fan page for Jennifer Aniston completely fooled its followers Sunday by posting an image of her beautiful wedding dress. However, it wasn’t the one worn by Aniston when she recently married Justin Theroux. In fact, for one thing, it was far too cheap.

The photo in the Facebook post shows a beautiful bride with a shapely derriere looking into the mirror with her back to the camera. To the naked eye, it does sort of look like the famous actress. Sort of. But even Jennifer Aniston, lovely as she is, doesn’t quite have that hourglass figure.

Fans gushed with excitement in the comments to the post, saying how beautiful Jennifer looked in her wedding dress and congratulating her on her marriage.

One comment reads, “Oh WOW, that photo is just fabulous Jennifer. You are truly a beautiful woman with loads of class. I was always a fan of yours through your hard times and rises. You certainly are going to have the most happiest life one person can handle.. God bless you through your entire marriage.”

Unfortunately, the person who made that comment might now feel a little silly to say the least, especially when they realize that photo is definitely not of Jennifer Aniston in her wedding gown.

Before anyone caught on to the dastardly deed, the photo of “Jennifer Aniston’s wedding dress” had been shared on Facebook almost 350,000 times and appears all over Twitter too. Oops!

However, it turns out that the dress is for sale online on the Happy Wedding Day website for the reasonable price of $149.97. Looking at the sales page, that is definitely not Jennifer Aniston wearing it! Needless to say, Aniston could also afford way more than that budget price.

jennifer Aniston

As can be seen in the comparison below, showing the model wearing the wedding dress alongside Jennifer Aniston herself, the hair is just so completely different too.

For now, fans of Jennifer Aniston and her new hubby, Justin Theroux, will have to be patient, and maybe we’ll all get to see the actual dress one of these days.

In other related news, the Inquisitr reports that the famous newlyweds are planning on adopting a ready-made family.

[Photo: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux by Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images Entertainment – Wedding dress screengrab from sales page]