Is Harry Styles Dating? Foreign Media Rumors Emerge

In America, Harry Styles fans are focused on One Direction’s eight wins at the Teen Choice Awards ceremony. However, outside of America, the press is buzzing with the news that Harry Styles might have a new love in his life — if gossip is to be believed.

The BBC reported on August 17 that Harry Styles and One Direction won a lot of awards — but did not attend the Teen Choice Awards ceremony. Did Harry Styles miss the event because he is hanging out with a new crush?

Of course, Harry Styles might not be willing to share the news that he is interested in a new person, since his love life is closely followed by the paparazzi. Even ex-girlfriends of Harry Styles are commonly mentioned in the American and foreign press, long after they are broken up.

For instance, alleged ex of Harry Styles, Sara Sampaio, was highlighted in the Austrian newspaper Mein Bezirk on August 17, and they state the following (translated from German to English by Google Translate).

“Message to Harry Styles? Sara Sampaio has uploaded to snapchat a video of him on which she dances topless. The beautiful model here shows quite liberally. Shortly afterwards, the ex-girlfriend of the One Direction singer has deleted the clip again and issued a statement on Twitter.”

About the fact that Harry Styles might have a potential new love interest, the Italian newspaper, Melty Fan, has plenty to say. In two separate articles published around August 16, Melty Fan has emphasized that there could be something special between Harry Styles and a young blonde model.

Sadly, what often gets lost in translation is who has a crush on whom. The most popular reference is an interview with this model where she says she has a crush on Harry Styles — but is this crush returned?

So far, the evidence that Harry Styles might return this crush is a little shaky. For instance, Dutch newspaper HLN claims that insiders say Harry Styles actually wants to go out on a date with this crush.

Hollywood Life claims that Harry Styles and this crush follow each other on Instagram. Otherwise, there are no crush confirmations coming directly from Harry Styles.

Who is this mystery crush? According to a Us Weekly interview, Dylan Penn stated around mid-August that she liked Harry Styles.

Could this really happen between Harry Styles and Dylan Penn? No matter who Harry Styles chooses to date, J-14 thinks that he will take them out to meet Mexican food.

[Featured image via Stephen Lovekin / Stringer / Getty Images]