Connie Ditto Found: 41-Year-Old Files For Protective Order, Husband Charged With Assault

Connie Ditto was found alive three days after her husband, Mark Ditto, reported that she was missing. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Connie Ditto was found at a hotel in Virginia by investigators who used license plate capture technology to track her car. While details about what actually happened are sparse, police have charged Mark Ditto with assault, which shocked many people who had been following the story.

When all of this first started, Mark told the media that his wife had gone to a medical facility to get checked out because her head was hurting. He says that the injury stemmed from a fall she took when she got drunk about a week before. After checking in at the facility, Connie sent Mark text messages, telling him that she needed to be transported to a hospital, but telling him not to come. When he tried to reach out to her again, he says that her phone was turned off. This is when he started to worry. He took his two daughters to a couple of hospitals in the area, but there wasn’t any one named Connie Ditto checked in at any of them. That’s when Mark called police.

Although Connie Ditto was found safe and sound at a hotel, her husband says that he was worried sick about her. He feared that she may have “blacked out” somewhere, and that she could have just been gone. That was not the case at all, however.

After police located Connie, they had apparently received some different information that checked out enough for them to bring criminal charges against Mark.

According to the New York Daily News, Connie filed for a protective order on Saturday. Police believe that Connie’s alleged “head injury” stemmed from a domestic violence incident between the two that apparently turned violent.

“She claimed to be a victim of spousal abuse and that she was hiding from her husband,” reported the New York Daily News.

Mark Ditto says he can’t believe what has transpired. He released a statement to WTVR after his arrest.

“I am totally floored. We as a family are very happy Connie was found unharmed. I’m very sad and sorry for her apparent health problems. I’m very disappointed by what she’s put her family through and all the people across the country who supported her search,” Mark said.

Now that Connie Ditto has been found, police are looking deeper into this case. They say that the investigation is still open. Further details about what police believe happened between Mark and Connie have not been released.

[Photo via WTVR/Twitter]