Jason Derulo Plane Etiquette Causes Exit, & Just As With Jordin Sparks Split, He’s Still Brooding [Video]

Jason Derulo had a plane problem, and it involved neither the quality of peanuts served on the flight nor the amount of booze Jason guzzled. Instead, Derulo and his bodyguard had a verbal battle about the plane boarding special treatment that they desired with an employee from Southwest Airlines, after which the group was forcibly removed, reported People.

With his team, Jason was headed to Los Angeles from Reno, Nevada. Derulo wanted preferred boarding on the plane for his group, which they were not given.

“His team requested an escort and were denied and they believed the were being treated unfairly,” explained a source. “When they voiced their concerns to the airline they were told they could not fly and proceeded on the plane anyway. At that point the Southwest agent called the authorities and removed them.”

Although Jason would have been allowed to stay, Derulo exited the plane following the verbal altercation. And he opted for a pricey solution by shelling out the big bucks needed for a private jet.

“Jason got off and they proceeded to get a private jet so that he would not miss his gig,”added the insider. “He paid out of his own pocket.”

Why was Derulo’s group kicked off the plane? Southwest Airlines’ representative said that Jason’s team members declined to obey the established procedures for boarding.

“According to our employees, the group refused to follow boarding procedures,” explained the spokesperson. “Initial reports indicate that several customers complained about the group’s behavior. Our crew, responsible for the Safety and comfort of all customers on board, attempted to diffuse the situation; ultimately, local authorities were called and the decision was made to deny boarding to the group. The group sought alternate transportation and their tickets were refunded.”

Derulo took to social media to continue the discussion and offer his own version of the plane problems.

“I had to fire my travel agent for booking me somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be,” brooded Jason. “But now we’re here, we’re good.”

And a pal chimed in about the issue.

“They can’t kick me off of this!” declared Derulo’s buddy about the private jet.

Someone who did kick Jason out of her life, however, was Jordin Sparks, who said Jason broke up with her over the phone, reported Us Weekly.

Derulo has continued to talk about their break-up, and recently emphasized that their sex life wasn’t the problem.

“Every relationship has their ups and downs and you know, when you start having more downs than ups, you gotta take a look at your relationship and be like, ‘Is this something that I’m supposed to be doing?'” said Jason.

As the Inquisitr reported, Jordin admitted that their “Marry Me” video shoot caused some problems.

“Hey, listen, we set ourselves up for that,” sighed Sparks.

[Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for PANDORA Media]