Diddy On Kettlebell Assault: ‘I Just Came To Talk!’

Diddy was on The Breakfast Club this morning with his son, UCLA football player Justin Combs, and the subject quickly turned to the altercation involving a kettlebell between Diddy and UCLA football training coach Sal Alosi.

According to TMZ, Diddy went on with Charlamagne Tha God, claiming that he only went to the coaching office “to talk,” saying that it was just “a miscommunication.” When the kettlebell was pulled out, Diddy was not ready to talk about it.

As reported in the Inquisitr, Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested after allegedly assaulting Alosi with a kettlebell. Combs frequently attended practice to watch his son (Sean) and the UCLA football team. Combs perceived that the conditioning coach, Alosi, was bullying his son, “screaming on the field” and calling him lazy.

Diddy allegedly followed Alosi into his office, and after a heated argument, allegedly assaulted him with a piece of workout equipment, a kettlebell.

The odd part of this whole tale is that the investigation into the crime seems to have stalled according to Radar Online, who believes they have the inside track on the investigation on life support. A law enforcement source told Radar that the case is being kicked back and forth between investigators and prosecutors.

“Prosecutors kicked the case back to UCLA cops for further information, and clarification on elements of the case. UCLA has been cooperating. It took about a week for UCLA cops to gather the additional information. The findings were sent back to the prosecutors.”

During the investigation, it was revealed that the coaching staff was saying that Sean Combs was only on the team because of his famous father, and that is he was anyone else, he wouldn’t have been on the team because he is “too small.”

According to Gossip Cop,Diddy continues to defend his anger, and explain that he was just defending his child.

“What you got to understand in sports, you give your child up to those coaches and you have to be able to take a lot. As a Combs, my sons have to be able to take a lot, they can’t have no soft skin,” said Diddy, adding, “But I think there’s a fine line, too, and I think there’s times when you have to communicate and find out what’s going on and be by your children’s side.”

Diddy believes he will be vindicated, and all will see that it was all just a “miscommunication.”

Do you believe Diddy will be prosecuted?

[Photo courtesy of Ethan Miller / Getty Images]