Ben Affleck’s Ex-Nanny, Christine Ouzounian, Heading To Reality Television?

Is Ben Affleck’s ex nanny the next Bachelorette? We don’t exactly know, but according to Page Six, the former nanny is looking to soak up her fifteen minutes of fame by launching a career in reality television.

According to Page Six, sources say that Christine Ouzounian isn’t happy with just parading around in her brand new Lexus. She wants something more out of this attention from her alleged affair with Ben Affleck. According to sources around town, Ouzounian is looking to “agent up.”

Since she’s not an actor, Affleck’s former nanny is allegedly looking to make her debut on reality television. “The word in LA is that Christine is looking for an agent and wants a TV deal, on something like ‘The Bachelorette’ or ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ She knows she most likely can’t go back to nannying — who in LA would hire her now to take care of their kids? So she’s going to use the spotlight to build a showbiz career.”

The source also said that she’s still weighing an option on whether or not she can go on TV or write a tell-all about her time with Affleck. It’s a bit tricky, though, because she signed a non-disclosure agreement that she couldn’t discuss the actor’s private life. She signed an NDA before she started watching Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s children, Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3.

Although the former nanny’s friends insist that they carried on an affair this past spring, according to sources close to Affleck, they were friendly but had a strictly business relationship. In fact, according to one source, the actor has cut off all communications from Ouzounian. The last time the two were photographed together was back in August during a late night rendezvous at the actor’s pad in Los Angeles. The two were photographed chatting outside. Later on, it was revealed that the former nanny allegedly called the paparazzi on the two so they could get some snaps of her giving Affleck a bottle of champagne.

Affleck’s rep has vehemently denied rumors that there’s anything going on between the two. At the time, his rep told Us Weekly, “All allegations of a romantic relationship are baseless and untrue.”

The last we saw of Ouzounian, she took a break from flashing her smile at the paparazzi, and hit Newport Beach. While these photos were snapped, Affleck visited his children in Georgia, where Affleck has been staying as Garner films. According to a source, Affleck and Garner are in touch every day, all day long. In fact, the two even celebrated Affleck’s birthday over the weekend with a trip to Universal.

[Photo by Angela Weiss / Getty Images]