‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Joe Bailey Calls Samantha ‘Classy’ After Hot Tub Action

Bachelor In Paradise is back with a second season and this time around, the drama is sizzling. For one, Clare Crawley can’t seem to find another man. She left last season of Bachelor In Paradise single, as she didn’t find a man who she could see herself with going forward. While she had hoped for the proposal, it simply didn’t work out for her. But the primary storyline is falling on one person this season: Joe Bailey.

He went on Bachelor In Paradise in hopes of hooking up with Samantha Steffen. It was revealed on last night’s episode that Bailey had talked to her prior to coming on the show, and he knew that she was coming. The two had supposedly agreed to stick around on Bachelor In Paradise and give their roses to whoever was available so they could get some days together. Sadly, that resulted in Juelia Kinney being completely used.

According to a new tweet, Bachelor In Paradise star Bailey is not turning his back a bit on Samantha. Of course, the two were thrilled to see one another, and things quickly got heated in the hot tub. Many were shocked that the two were hooking up in front of the cameras, but apparently it had been a long time coming for these two, who had spoken for a month prior to coming on Bachelor In Paradise.

“Just threw up in my mouth watching Samantha do what she did with Joe in the tub. Come on,” one Bachelor In Paradise fan wrote as the episode aired last night, which had Bailey chime in, “She’s classy.”

Ouch! It sounds like he isn’t defending her actions in the hot tub. When Samantha came on Bachelor In Paradise, she was quick to choose Bailey to go on a date with, even though one of her friends had previously made out with him. As fans will see tonight on Bachelor In Paradise, Samantha may had been planning the betrayal all along. And fans of the show had plenty to say on Twitter.

“I bet Kaitlyn Bristowe is so glad she let Joe Bailey when she had the chance! What the hell happened to nice southern gentleman Joe!” another Bachelor In Paradise viewer shared on Twitter, which had Joe reply, “I know kaitlyn well enough to know she doesn’t care. She is with great guy now.”

Even though no one really knew Samantha prior to her coming on the show, Bailey knew exactly who she was. According to the Inquisitr, she could have some regrets now as she was watching the episode back.

What do you think Joe Bailey calling his Bachelor In Paradise co-star “classy” after the hot tub incident?

[Image via She Knows]