Times Square Topless Women Begging For Tips Anger Tourists And Locals [Watch]

Topless Time Square women asking for tips have outraged some New Yorkers and visitors. An “influx” of young and nearly nude women have taken to three streets of NYC adorned in a light layer of body paint across their breasts and a thong.

The Times Square topless women are competing against the usual cast of characters who stake out a spot in the busy NYC street, attempting to urge passersby to toss some cash their way. Men wearing Buzz Lightyear and Spiderman costumes reportedly garner $10 to $20 a pop for posing for photos.

Odessa Leitch, 38, watched the parade of topless women maneuvering along Times Square. As she stood alongside her 12-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter she deemed the procession “inappropriate” as did many others who shared their thoughts on the unfolding scene. Parfait Mutimura said that while New York City is “all about self-expression,” there are a lot of children around to see the cartoon characters and the topless women should mingle elsewhere.

A multitude of complaints have been levied due to the Times Square topless women. Unfortunately for those offended by the nearly bare breasts and buttocks protruding from either side of the thong bikini bottoms, the actions of the women are entirely legal in NYC — unless the “ladies” pose with underage children.

The number of women at the tourist mecca have doubled in the last year, with about 40 walking around Times Square on the weekends, according to the New York Daily News. During the summer of 2014, an unofficial tally of the “nearly naked women” in the area of Times Square reportedly found that approximately 21 young women walked around posing for photos from May through August. This summer, about 40 women did the same from May 30 through July 14.

“There’s so many boobs,” Robert John Burck, AKA “the naked cowboy,” said. “You don’t look at them anymore.”

Chris Oliveri, 25, who claims to “work with” one of the groups of NYC topless women, said the Times Square walkabout is “not a business, it’s a hustle.” Oliveri also said, “If you’re not working from every angle, you’re not making money.”

The topless Times Square women also reportedly surround groups of tourists and appear to ignore the presence of children, some witnesses maintain.

What do you think about the Times Square topless women?

[Image via: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock]