Arrested And Charged With Rape: Man Kidnapped Queens Woman With Knife, Stabbed Self

A man has been charged with rape and other offenses after he kidnapped a Queens woman with a knife.

Jonathan Coronel, 21, is charged with rape, robbery, kidnapping, criminal possession of a weapon, unlawful imprisonment, and criminal contempt.

Police say he held his ex-girlfriend captive for nine hours after he kidnapped her in public on Saturday.

Michelle Jimenez, 18, had a restraining order against ex-boyfriend Coronel.

Around 10:30 a.m., the nightmare began for Jimenez as she ran into a shoe store near the corner of 81st Street and Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights, Queens, trying to escape the crazed ex.

Jimenez reportedly left her home, saw Coronel, and ran into the shoe store.

Kalandrov Mosshilov, 57, and another man attempted to help her, but they were stopped by Coronel’s knife and threats.

“He pointed a knife at me… at my face,” said Mosshilov, a cobbler at the Zapatero Shoe Repair, located one block from where the victim lives.

“A guy followed her into the store,” said Anada Krishna, who lives above the shoe store. “I hear the guy tell her, ‘Give me my money! Give me my money!’ ”

According to witnesses, Coronel grabbed the terrified Jimenez at knife point and dragged her out of the shop to a nearby waiting vehicle.

“She was panicked,” Krishna said.

“He shoved the girl into a white car parked across the street and he left.”

Coronel drove eastbound on Northern Boulevard from 81st Street with the kidnapped Jimenez terrified in the backseat.

After nine hours of being kidnapped, Jimenez was dropped off by Coronel at the corner of 82nd Street and Astoria Boulevard shortly before 11:00 p.m.

A superintendent of a nearby building said that Coronel was “probably obsessed.”

“Only an obsessed person would react like this.”

Coronel was arrested and transferred to Elmhurst Hospital due to a self-inflicted stab wound to the torso. He is currently listed as stable.

Jimenez is very lucky to be alive after being kidnapped by an ex, as similar situations have resulted in much worse outcomes.

Earlier this year in May, 51-year-old Lascelles Allen was arrested for stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death with a knife in Toronto. Suraiya Gangaram, 31, and a mother-of-three, had recently ended her two-year relationship with Allen.

In July, Justin Mann stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Teresa Nelson, to death with a knife while her 8-year-old daughter watched in horror. He later took his own life.

What do you think about the Queens kidnapping? Would you have helped stopped Jimenez from being kidnapped, regardless of Coronel having a knife?

[Images via New York City Police Department]