Is Wiz Khalifa With Rita Ora Or Amber Rose? Teen Choice Awards Clues

Wiz Khalifa has been enjoying months of success from his Furious 7 hit with Charlie Puth, but fans have been concerned that he is lonely in love.

Since his split from Amber Rose earlier in 2015, Wiz Khalifa’s main love interest seems to have been his dog, Vincent.

However, the same day as Wiz Khalifa attended the Teen Choice Awards with his son, Sebastian — romance may have changed significantly for Amber Rose.

At the Teen Choice Awards, Wiz Khalifa was melting hearts as the paparazzi cooed over adorable Sebastian on the red carpet. The Daily Mail posted video of Wiz Khalifa and his son at the awards, and OK! Magazine stated the following on August 17.

“Dear Wiz Khalifa, please stop taking your son Sebastian to red carpet events. He is just too cute!”

Wiz Khalifa was also turning heads because Rita Ora seemed especially cozy with Wiz. Was there more going on with Wiz Khalifa and Rita Ora than first suspected?

For those hopeful about Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose getting back together, it appears that Amber Rose may not be unavailable to Wiz Khalifa. Recently, Amber Rose has announced to the press that things were over with her Wiz Khalifa relationship rebound partner — Machine Gun Kelly.

Despite the fact that Amber Rose went through great pains to remove Wiz Khalifa from her life (including removing the tattoo of him) — she also announced that she was “cool with” Wiz Khalifa.

Contact Music published the following about Amber Rose’s breakup with Machine Gun Kelly on August 17.

“[Amber Rose] suggested the feud was over in April (15), when she posted a touching message intended for her estranged husband on Instagram, admitting he’ll “forever be the love of my life”, and last Monday (August 10), the former couple proved it had patched up its differences for the sake of its son, after Rose and her kid joined Khalifa for the final night of his Boys of Zummer Tour with Fall Out Boy in Los Angeles.”

Regardless of Amber Rose’s potential feelings about getting back together with Wiz Khalifa — does he return these feelings?

On August 17, Expressng posted the following “confirmation” that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose were back together.

“Moments ago, the socialite share a photo of Wiz Khalifa and their son at the ongoing Teen Choice Awards and captioned it #Family and with a ‘love’ sign! Their fans are over the moon, glad that the former couple are now making things work.”

Nevertheless, there are some questions about Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose reuniting because of Rita Ora’s body language. The Mirror stated the following on August 17.

“Rita Ora cuddled up to Wiz Khalifa at the Teen Choice Awards last night in another bizarre outfit… She strutted her stuff for snappers in a shiny suit and matching red heels before being spotted backstage with Amber Rose’s ex… [Rita Ora] opted for natural makeup and pink-tinted hair, which Wiz could have sniffed she got that close for a pic backstage.”

[Featured image via Jason Merritt / Getty Images]