Golf: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton Play A Round Of Golf On Martha’s Vineyard

Wanna play golf? Barack Obama and Bill Clinton played 18 holes on Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend while Obama is on vacation on the island with his family. According to NewsMax, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton enjoyed the gorgeous weather out on the course before attending an 80th birthday celebration for Vernon Jordan, a Washington “power broker.” Jordan was also on the golf course during the day, playing a round with the Presidents past and present.

“Obama is vacationing with his family on the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard and has spent much of the past week on the golf course. Jordan, who is turning 80, and former U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk rounded out the golf foursome,” reports NewsMax.

Golf is a favorite pastime for both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. And the two really seemed to enjoy their time together over the weekend as evidenced by several photos floating around social media this morning.

According to CNN, the guys played their foursome at Farm Neck in Oak Bluffs, where Obama has spent many of his days. However, the days wasn’t all about shooting under par. The group attended Jordan’s birthday celebration with their families, and Bill’s wife, Hillary, even flew in for the party.

“More than 200 guests gathered celebrate the life of Jordan at the Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, where contemporary music and laughter could be heard ringing through the wooded area until late in the night. Obama and former President Bill Clinton each offered toasts between courses of salad, surf and turf and birthday cake.”

Hillary held a fundraiser on the island the next morning, and then headed to Nantucket for another fundraiser on Sunday afternoon. The Presidential hopeful has already left Massachusetts, and is busy campaigning once more.

Golf for Barack Obama and Bill Clinton is “fun,” but the fact that the two played a round together does suggest that Obama will be putting his full support behind Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election (surprised?).

Some feel that Hillary Clinton is going to need all the support that she can get, especially after the whole email scandal. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Clinton sought a book about “deleting emails that can land you in jail.” And while she tries to ignore the chatter, those against her — like Donald Trump — have kept that information in focus while out on the campaign trail.

[Photo by Win McNamee / Getty Images News]