Margaret Cho Divorcing After 11-Year Open Marriage, Joins Bisexual Celebrities From Megan Fox To Angelina Jolie [Video]

Margaret Cho is divorcing Al Ridenour after an open marriage that lasted 11 years. Although they split in December, 2014, Margaret has now announced she is divorcing her artist husband, reported People.

Cho, 46, and Al, 54, had their own arrangement in their marriage, which Margaret had previously discussed candidly. But the papers required for divorcing described what she now terms their “irreconcilable differences,” per legal separation guidelines.

“I’m married to a man but I’m bisexual so I like both. We got together because … we both have this [idea], ‘I just don’t want to have sex with the same person my whole life. That’s just gross,’ ” said Cho.

Margaret defined her bisexuality to Oprah recently, and Cho admitted that her parents didn’t understand her comments about gender, reported the Huffington Post.

“I think that my sexuality is — well, I define myself as queer, though gender is very complicated,” said Margaret.

Cho added that her parents assume she is fluctuating.

“[My parents are] thinking that I’m mostly in flux, but it’s not that — it’s just, it is what it is,” said Margaret.

Prior to divorcing, Cho also insisted that her open marriage functioned solidly.

“It’s just something that we knew in the moment of meeting and being together, that this is the right thing, and it’s worked out,” Margaret explained. “I think when you have an open relationship you have to have boundaries, but ultimately, you want emotional monogamy with somebody no matter what. I don’t really think about it more than that, it’s just family.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Miley Cyrus recently joined Ruby Rose and Jaden Smith in what some are terming the gender-fluid movement.

But many other celebrities also have talked candidly about their bisexuality, ranging from Megan Fox to Anna Paquin, reported BuzzFeed.

“I have no question in my mind about being bisexual,” said Fox.

And actress Megan Mullally went beyond revealing that she is bisexual, describing her views of everyone’s sexual preferences.

“I consider myself bisexual, and my philosophy is, everyone innately is,” declared Mullally.

Evan Rachel Wood chose Twitter to make her statement.

“I myself am bisexual and have always ‘joked’ about miley giving me gay vibes. Not a bad thing! Just an observation,” said Wood.

In addition, Angelina Jolie has talked candidly about her bisexual experiences, reported the Huffington Post.

Jolie’s relationships have included Jenny Shimizu, an actress and model.

“I have loved women in the past and slept with them. I think if you love and want to pleasure a woman, particularly if you are a woman yourself, then certainly you know how to do things a certain way,” said Angelina.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Help Haiti]