Janelle Monae Silenced By NBC During Attempted Black Lives Matter Speech

NBC wants no affiliation with the trending Black Live Matters movement that has many music artists like Janelle Monae protesting through beats and melodies. During a performance on NBC’sToday Show Janelle Monae attempted to give a speech on the subject of Black Lives Matter, but NBC’s control room clearly thought “Hell You Talmbout,” and cut the screen away from Monae and back to an anchor. Here’s what Janelle Monae began to say;

“Yes Lord! God bless America! God bless all the lost lives to police brutality. We want white America to know that we stand tall today. We want black America to know we stand tall today. We will not be silenced…”

In front of a large Manhattan crowd, just outside of the NBC studio, Janelle Monae performed with many artists from her label. For the crowd, she performed “Tightrope,” “Yoga,” and mostly importantly, “Hell You Talmbout.” It’s her latest song, which according to the singer, is an ode to Black Lives Matter and a stance against police brutality. Recently, Janelle Monae posted to Instagram to explain the meaning behind the song.

“This song is a vessel. It carries the unbearable anguish of millions. We recorded it to channel the pain, fear, and trauma caused by the ongoing slaughter of our brothers and sisters. We recorded it to challenge the indifference, disregard, and negligence of all who remain quiet about this issue. Silence is our enemy. Sound is our weapon. They say a question lives forever until it gets the answer it deserves… Won’t you say their names?”

Through sound, Janelle Monae and many other artists (J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Solange Knowles), have expressed their concern for the black American community, and even disdain toward the American police. Adopting the protesters’ Black Lives Matter motto, these artists fight for equality and justice in the country.

So, while J. Cole feels that America hasn’t come far at all and wants to “cut the chains off,” Kendrick Lamar hates “po-po,” and Solange Knowles just wants to find a place where she can “be black.” Janelle Monae on the other hand isn’t buying any of it, and wants to know what the “Hell You Talmbout.” Her new song directly mentions that names of the victims of police brutality, such as, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gary and Sandra Bland.

Janelle Monae, who admits that she is always evolving, according to The Guardian, is one a few who are setting a precedent for celebrity responsibility when it comes to socio-political issues. Janelle Monae’s performance on the Today Show may have been shortened, but the because music is an art that lasts forever, her latest song will allow her to say everything she needs to in order to stress that black lives matter, and police brutality is a epidemic that requires justice.

[Image via Flickr]