Connie Ditto Found: 41-Year-Old Mother Found Safe, Husband Mark Ditto Charged With Assault

Connie Ditto has been found safe in Virginia three days after her husband reported her missing. According to the Canada Journal, Connie Ditto, 41, went missing after telling her husband that she was going to get checked out by a doctor because she had been feeling some extreme head pain. Within a short period of time, Connie allegedly sent text messages to her husband, Mark, telling him that she was being taken to a hospital for treatment, but she made sure she told him “not to come.”

The next time Mark Ditto tried to contact his wife, he says that her phone was turned off. He took his daughters to a couple of nearby hospitals, and none had any record of Connie checking in. Mark called police, and says that he was worried sick that something bad had happened to his wife. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Mark Ditto told police that his wife had fallen, and that she hit her head sometime a week before her disappearance. He feared that she “blacked out” somewhere.

Connie Ditto’s car was found by police who used license plate capture technology. They were able to track her car, and found it parked outside of a motel. Although police did not say too much about Connie’s condition when they found her, they did charge Mark with assault, suggesting that his story about her “falling” may have been a cover.

“Officers found Miss Ditto and found probable cause to place domestic assault charges against Mark Ditto,” said Henrico Police Lt. Sal MulĂ©.

Family members say that Mark completely denies getting physical with his wife, and claim that Mark has said that the accusations brought against him are “totally false.”

Although Connie Ditto was found safe, many feel as though there is a lot more to this story than what is being reported. There are some people who believe that Mark Ditto is indeed innocent, and that he never laid a hand on his wife. Those people seem to believe that Connie was injured at some point when she was drunk — and that she has an alcohol problem.

According to WTRV, Mark Ditto told the media that his wife suffered from “alcohol abuse and depression.” An investigation is still ongoing, and Mark Ditto has yet to speak out to the media about the domestic abuse charges.

Do you think Mark was abusive towards his wife? Or do you think she’s blaming him for her problems?

[Photo via WTVR/Twitter]