Donald Trump Borrows From The WWE Playbook And Must Be Taken Seriously

Donald Trump is serious about becoming the next president of the United States. It is time for everyone to take him seriously, or risk getting swept up in a political storm that could change America as we know it.

Although it is not how a storybook would have written it, but Donald Trump as the Republican nomination for president of the United States is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Right now, he is leading Republican candidate in every poll that matters with a campaign that is directly out of a playbook approved by the WWE’s Vince McMahon.

Think about it, Donald Trump is laying a smack down on politics while those who follow the politics consider him a joke of a candidate. Following the things that are going on in the country, it is hard to call Trump a punchline. He is someone who has the pulse of a certain part of America whether we would like to admit it or not. Again, Donald Trump has taken a page from the WWE playbook and he is running away from the competition.

While everybody as dismissed Donald Trump as a temporary phenomenon, what he is accomplishing cannot be overlooked. Trump has listened to the complaints and he is using them to his advantage.

Dismissing Donald Trump as a legitimate candidate for presidency is a huge mistake.

We are living in a different America. The needs and wants of the country varies now. We long for a presidential candidate to ask us want we need and want, not tell us what we need and want. Donald Trump has taken time to listen to his constituents and he has provided well thus far.

Trump has assumed the role of the Republican face when considering WWE terms. How the WWE works, the face will always placate to the crowd. Sometimes a face will offer some substance, other times they will just entice the crowd by simple recognition. Donald Trump knows his audience. He is a smart man. Every time Trump goes after a fellow candidate, his audience enjoys it. Why? Well we can start with the fact that the base has gone ignored.

Donald Trump is trying to become the man of the people. What better way to do it than to borrow a page out of a wrestling playbook?

There are people who dismiss him. Their thinking is to belittle him, to shame him out of running for presidency. Megyn Kelly, who moderated the first Republican debate asked Trump questions that had little to do with the issues that Americans find important. They somehow came across as personal inquiries. While the other candidates were grilled about the Middle East, Donald Trump was asked questions about his comments on more personal matters. And afterwards he responded with his own attack that drew the ire of the Republican Party, but became a hit with the pollsters. And now Donald Trump is beginning to release detailed plans, beginning with his plan on immigrancy.

Trump running for presidency was treated as a joke on a big stage and it backfired miserably.

By the time people will have figured out how to handle Donald Trump, he will have come up with viable plans to fix what ails America.

Donald Trump is a smart man with smart people at his disposal who work for him. Dismissing him is a foolish proposition. Especially since he is devising plans that would make America a better place in his eyes.

While his detractors are focusing on why he is the wrong candidate, Trump is picking up steam proving that he is a viable person to represent the Republican Party.

In the WWE, wrestlers do what they can to please the crowd. Sometimes it works, other times it does not. When it does not work that wrestler completes a heel turn. Donald Trump was already a heel according to political standards. He is slowly gaining the approval of those who were not taking him seriously. And the more he gets coverage, the stronger his candidacy for president will become. This does not mean he will eventually become the next president of the United States, but Donald Trump is no slouch. Armed with a no holds barred presidential campaign that is directly from a WWE playbook, Donald Trump is as formidable a candidate as they come.

How long before everybody else takes Donald Trump seriously?

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images News]