WWE Rumors: What Major Names Won’t Be Appearing At ‘SummerSlam’ This Sunday?

A lot of rumors have been flying around for what could happen at WWE SummerSlam in a week or who may show up. Well, with the final card and all of the matches just about in place, it’s now time to look at what major names probably won’t end up appearing at SummerSlam. Some are legends and part-timers, but a few current stars won’t be there either.

With a big-time card leading to a four-hour event, there will be a few names absent from the big PPV. Let’s take a look at the major names that may not end up at SummerSlam at all.


One of the biggest question marks for months now, but it certainly seems like Sting won’t be at the PPV on Sunday. He will be in New York for the meet-and-greet autograph session, but his return match probably is being held off now until Night of Champions.

The Rock

Roman Reigns may have spoiled a surprise appearance of the “Great One,” but that remains to be seen. Reigns honestly may have just misspoke and it seemed like a spoiler, but ends up being nothing. If anyone, The Rock would be the most-likely candidate to show up.

Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, Lana, Summer Rae

Even though the feud has been continued by Lana for weeks, she revealed on Raw that Dolph Ziggler wouldn’t be back until the day after SummerSlam. That likely means a no-show as well by Rusev and Summer Rae.

Kevin Nash

Even though he hasn’t done a whole lot with WWE lately, it’s said that Kevin Nash does have some company commitments to do. It’s not exactly clear what those are, but he’s going to fulfill some of them during SummerSlam weekend.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Word has also gotten around that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is being brought into New York for the big weekend. Chances are that he’s simply going to be at the SummerSlam Experience fan event as well.

Nikki Bella

The WWE Divas Champion is set to be a part of a big nine-diva elimination tag team match between Team Bella, Team BAD, and PCB. WrestleZone has reported that Nikki Bella is apparently rehabbing a back injury of some sort. She should still be at the event, but it’s unknown how severe it is.

Finn Balor

The Demon will defend his NXT Title at Takeover: Brooklyn against Kevin Owens, but he teased earlier this week that he could be the next “Paul Heyman Guy.” Finn Balor may have just been having fun, and he’s got enough on his plate with Saturday night’s ladder match.

WWE SummerSlam is certainly going to be huge on Sunday, and there is so much to look forward to, but it probably won’t be most of the names on this list. One or two could show up, but fans will have to wait for the others.

[Image via WWE]