Coloring Books For Adults: Sales Skyrocket For Stress-Relieving, Intricate Coloring Books For Big Kids

Paula Mooney

It's easy to see why coloring books for adults are doing gangbusters in sales on Amazon. With intricate patterns and beautiful designs, the coloring books are geared for the more dexterous fingers and generally patient natures of adults. Instead of coloring books comprised of large spaces to color with crayons, these incredible books have illustrations for adults to color that seek to calm them through repetitive motions.

There are positive health benefits associated with the coloring books for adults, reports Fox News. As a result of the success of the books, major publishing houses are jumping on the bandwagon to capture sales for such books to adults.

The books are inspiring such creativity and arousing the imaginations that lists of favorite adult coloring books are popping up on sites like Huffington Post Canada.

The top-selling adult coloring book found in the No. 1 spot on Amazon's list of all books as of this writing is titled Secret Garden, and the coloring book has plenty of raving reviews to go along with the book.

"I adore this adult coloring book. Beautiful drawings that take some time and patience to color but it's worth it. I mostly use Faber-Castell or Prismacolor color pencils. Love it!"

Either way, plenty of adults are finding the act of coloring such intricate patterns an enjoyable activity. Some even claim that it offers them greater stress-relieving ventures than hitting the gym.

The new trend proves that coloring books are no longer strictly in the realm for kids, reports the San Jose Mercury News. Titles like Color Me Calm or Sacred Mandala Designs and Patterns, Coloring Books for Adults, are being touted as major stress relievers for adults of all ages.

The adult coloring books even come in various genres so that folks who enjoy them won't get bored, like the coloring books that specialize in animal shapes. It makes sense that a pastime that was so enjoyable in childhood would be rediscovered on a different level in adulthood.

As reported by the Inquisitr, another quirky trend in 2015 involves crowd-birthing, something likely a lot less popular than coloring books for adults.

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