Donald Trump Commits Biggest Faux Pas Yet, Tells Boy: ‘I Am Batman’

Donald Trump has been rather divisive throughout his presidential campaign over the last few weeks. But over the weekend, he made his biggest faux-pas yet by saying something that the entire world can admit was wrong: he lied and told a boy, “I am Batman.”

CNN reported that Trump made this admission to one of the children that he took on a helicopter ride in Des Moines, Iowa. Donald Trump had offered the opportunity to ride inside his Sikorsby S-76B helicopter alongside himself to a group of children.

The 69-year-old provoked the arrival of 50 children with the declaration, “We have quite a few children gonna take rides today. Where are the children? Get them over here.” He then added, “I love my kids. Come ‘ere.” At this point they stood behind him as he answered several questions about what he’d do if he was elected president.

Nine-year-old William Bowman, who had traveled to the even alongside his three brothers – 6-year-old Sean, 5-year-old Brendan, and 3-year-old Henry – as well as his mother, Sarah, and father, David, was the one who asked Trump if he was Batman.

Unfortunately, only William, Sean, Brendan, and Sarah eventually went up in the helicopter though because Henry got scared just before it went up, so he decided to stay behind with David.

But once up in the sky, William decided to capture his entire exchange with Donald Trump on a GoPro camera, which later appeared on YouTube.

Aiming his camera at Trump, William asked, “Mr. Trump, are you Batman?” Rather than dismissing this question though, Trump insisted, “I am Batman.”

Donald Trump made this revelation while he was at the Iowa State Fair, where he was once again front and center among the presidential nominees.

Trump was followed around by the press throughout his attendance at the event, while even Democratic voters admitted that they wanted to go and watch the entrepreneur and mogul just to “see what all the circus was about.”

Over the weekend, Donald Trump also revealed his plan to tackle immigration reform, releasing a 6-page report entitled, “Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again.”

According to ABC News, Trump wants to bring an end to birthright citizenship, which he insists is “the biggest magnet for illegal immigration.” In his report, Trump declared that he will make sure that the United States Of America “will not be taken advantage of anymore.”

[Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images]