In Honor Of Young Thug’s Birthday, He Releases Video ‘Again’

It’s Young Thug’s birthday, and shortly after announcing his headlining tour to begin in September, he has also released a video. The track is called “Again” and accompanying music video this evening had a debut at at 5:55 p.m. (EDT). The new track will feature Gucci Mane, who is in prison, but has been previously reported by the Inquisitr that Young Thug has proclaimed his undying love for Gucci. In fact, he even got an ice cream tattoo on his cheek to channel Gucci, who is imprisoned for assault. “Again” is produced by London on Da Track and will appear on he and Thug’s upcoming collaborative mixtape entitled Slime Season, according to musictimes.

Young Thug has certainly seen his share of trouble recently. Besides being arrested for terroristic threats after telling a mall security officer that he was going to shoot him, he was also indicted in the attempted murder of Lil Wayne when his tour bus was shot at last April. Although he’s out on bond and will begin his first headlining tour which will end in November, he will still have to face the legal consequences of this charges he faces. Nobody knows for sure when that will happen, but assault and attempted murder are both crimes that could carry extremely stiff jail sentences. This could very well be Young Thug’s last tour if he is found guilty of his alleged crimes.

Today, he shared a clip of the video before sharing the full release just before 6 p.m. The clip starts with Thug dressed in overalls, cryptically wandering around in a rather strange red room. We then see women in their bras and panties, appearing to be cooking drugs. The last shot of the video shows Thug and Metro Boomin, also known as Metro Thuggin, seated next to a shrine of Gucci. It’s unknown if Gucci was able to see the video before its release or from his prison cell. Young Thug has never been one to be quiet about drug use, frequently smoking marijuana and when his home was raided recently, police discovered marijuana, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. However, according to Hot New HipHop, Thugger is as loved as always and some are declaring his new video “on fire.” If you haven’t seen the video yet, you can catch it here, courtesy of YouTube. What are your thoughts? Is Young Thug a talented rapper who deserves all the accolades he receives from musicians of many genres?

[Photo by Prince Williams/Getty]