‘Heart Hair’ Photos Grow On Instagram

Searching for the “heart hair” hashtag on Instagram turns up more than 8,000 photos tagged #hearthair. Admittedly, some of those heart hair photos are replicas of the famous “heart hair” photo that Kendall Jenner made famous.

When Jenner posted that photo, the heart hair trend exploded, reports Yahoo! News. Months ago, the popular heart-shaped hairstyle that showed Kendall laying on the floor with her long locks styled into hearts took off and spawned plenty of duplicates.

Some users of the “heart hair” trend have posted their photos directly next to the photo of Jenner as a comparison.

Others appear to have tied some of their “heart hair” beneath their chins whilst the hearts remain on the rest of their locks.

Using humor, some Instagram users have created “heart hair” on dolls instead of humans, and positioned those dolls on the floor in the same way Jenner posed. The results are cute photos of unexpected heart hair.

Based on the length of the heart hair, and the design and creativity of the user, some of the photos tagged #hearthair are truly beautiful and creative.

Certain heart hair photos don’t even picture the face of the users, but just the hair alone, shaped into the figure of a heart. Some people couple other hair trends along with their heart hair, such as ombre styles or “bronde” colored hair. As reported by the Inquisitr, bronde hair is a trend that involves brunette hair with blonde undertones.

Based upon the style the user employs to create their heart hair, the styles can vary. One user twisted the base part of her locks in order to give her heart hair stems of sorts.

It’s not just grown women getting in on the heart hair trend. Kids and men are also taking photos of their own heart hair creations.

To see a man with short hair having shaped it into little hearts is priceless.

The same goes for men with long hair that have styled their long hair into gorgeous hearts and laid down on the floor to capture their creations for posterity.

The length of the hair and size of the hearts make the heart hair photos so different.

Some users have snapped their pics on the grass.

Others have snapped their heart hair pics on the sand of the beach.

Some are using their heart hair photos to promote products.

Lastly, some are getting creative and turning their bangs into heart hair.

[Image via Instagram]