Sigma Nu Video: ‘Rape Some B*****s’ Chants University Of Central Florida Fraternity [Video]

The video that displays the audio of at least one University of Central Florida fraternity member from the Sigma Nu fraternity reportedly chanting “rape some b*****s” has caused the Sigma Nu fraternity to be suspended. The copies of the video currently being proliferated on YouTube can also be seen on the Daily Mail website. The Sigma Nu video of one or more members chanting “rape some b*****s” from the website is the same one being copied and uploaded to YouTube.

In the video, UCF Sigma Nu frat member say “rape ’em” and call women b*****s and s***s in a video that appears to be comprised of mainly audio. There is a darkened visual, which appears to indicate the video was recorded in a dark room or hallway, with light appearing under a doorway.

In the video, multiple voices can be heard, with some of the male voices trying to quiet other male voices. Either way, the controversial video — which has plenty of beeps to cover up the curse words — has caused UCF’s Sigma Nu to get suspended after the frat members chanted “rape” and other offensive sexual assault phrases, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

“Let’s rape some b*****s, rape some s***s…rape…”

It’s not the first time fraternities have been in trouble on the UCF campus. Hazing and liquor concerns got all sororities and fraternities suspended in 2013. This latest “rape chant” video happened on June 9, in a Sigma Nu apartment after a night of drinking by at least four fraternity members. The woman who recorded the video is not a University of Central Florida student — however, it’s her explosive video that has made national news — and may have helped police break another case of a UCF student who was reportedly raped in October, 2014, at the same Sigma Nu fraternity house.

It was a University of Central Florida student who obtained the videos from the woman who recorded it, and that UCF student was the one who logged a complaint with UCF. It could help police crack the case of another University of Central Florida student who reported to police that she was raped at the same Sigma Nu fraternity house. She reported being in pain — having awakened with no clothes on in the Sigma Nu fraternity house’s bathroom.

Now this new video surfacing has launched a Title IX investigation. The fraternity’s house is located on Napiers Circle — which is closer than eight city blocks from the main campus of the University of Central Florida. Reports of an open condom wrapper and a condom being found on the floor — presumably after the above described bathroom incident — are circulating.

Sigmu Nu would only comment to term the rape chant video “disrespectful, despicable and vile,” pending the ongoing investigation.

The frat’s “Rape some b*****s” comment, as reported by the Huffington Post, has gotten the fraternity in hot water.

The woman who recorded the UCF fraternity rape-chant video, says WFTV Orlando, was dating a Sigma Nu frat member.

Another college campus video making big news on Sunday includes a sorority recruitment video, as reported by the Inquisitr.

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