EMT Dies Attempting To Save Woman: 22-Year-Old EMT Severs Artery While Performing CPR, Dies

An EMT has died while trying to save a woman who needed CPR, and her story has since gone viral.

According to Mail Online, 22-year-old Samantha Agins was working at the New Jersey Jaycee Camp last weekend, when a woman needed medical attention. Reports indicate that the woman had a heart attack, and that Samantha Agins started performing CPR on her while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. Sadly, despite Samantha’s efforts, the patient died.

Samantha went home after work, and she began feeling unwell hours later. Her mother, Paula, attributed the ill feelings to her daughter being “in shock” after what had happened — something that is totally understandable, and probably not uncommon.

Samantha vomited, but was still responsive, so her mom did not think too much about any possible underlying issues. As the night went on, however, Samantha didn’t start to feel any better, so Paula took her to Pocono Medical Center. Doctors quickly learned that Agins severed an artery, and said that she did so while she was performing CPR.

The EMT who died while attempting to save a woman suffered four strokes after severing an artery; after the first (referred to as a “mini-stroke”), Samantha still seemed okay. However, additional strokes worsened Samantha’s overall condition. Doctors said that one of the strokes was on Samantha’s brain stem, and “killed all the nerves to part of her body.” Her health deteriorated quickly after that point.

“Early on Monday she suffered a major stroke and was taken to Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. Doctors but her on life support, and by Sunday she had began to suffer from locked-in syndrome and on Monday she slipped into a coma. Just 24 hours later she passed away.”

According to NBC Philadelphia, Samantha’s mom has been receiving a lot of support following her daughter’s death.

“It’s been very overwhelming. It speaks to the testimonial of just what kind of kid she was,” Paula Agins said.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Agins was studying to be a physician’s assistant.

The internet is remembering the EMT who died while trying to save a woman. The hashtag “#PurpleHeartsforSam” was created by Samantha’s sister, and is a way for people to honor Sam. Mail Online reports that a memorial scholarship has been set up at Pocono Mountain East High School where Samantha graduated.

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