Rosie O'Donnell Slams Donald Trump, Threatens To Smear Bodily Fluids On 'Some People's Faces'

Leigh Egan

Rosie O'Donnell is serious about women's rights, and she's letting the world know, including Donald Trump, just how far she would go to get her anger and point across. Last Wednesday, she vented her frustration on Sirius XM's Just Jenny show.

New York Daily Times reports that O'Donnell used graphic detail to describe exactly what she thought about Trump's comments about Fox News host Megyn Kelly. In a debate earlier this month, Trump stated that Kelly's attitude was due to, "blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her — wherever." Trump's comments infuriated O'Donnell.

"I'd like to take my period blood that I no longer have and write, 'You're all a-------. I'd like to smear it all over some people's faces, OK?"

As a point of reference, O'Donnell referred to a recent London Marathon run, in which musician Kiran Ghandi admitted to participating in without a tampon on.

"Why do you think she did that? When Fox anchors are being accused of being hormonal and ashamed because they have their period...Then that woman [Gandhi] does that. Why do you think she does that stuff? You don't think she did that to say, 'F-- you a-hole?!'"
"There is a war on women in this country starting with basic abortion rights, freedom to choose that we fought for in the '60s and '70s, that women died for, bleeding in back alleys from hanger abortions. Women fought for equality in this country and right now, politically, it's being taken away from us."

"I will apologize if I'm wrong about something. But I don't like apologizing when I'm not wrong. You know, an apology, to me, is a big deal."
"I cherish women. I'm going to do things for women that no other candidate is going to do. I will be phenomenal to the women. I want to help women."