Khloe Kardashian Wants Babies With James Harden? Insider Source Says Yes

Khloe Kardashian and James Harden are a thing now and the reality star is not afraid to show her affection publicly. In fact, according to Gossip Cop, Khloe would be happy to have kids with Harden. Gossip Cop quotes an allegedly-close source to Kardashian who says that she enjoys spending time with Harden because he’s “funny” and “sweet to her.”

“Khloe thinks [Harden] could be ‘the guy,'” says the insider. Khloe also feels that he’s “genuine, just easy to be around” and “wants a family one day.”

Looks like the fact that Harden is 25-years-old and Khloe is 31 is not affecting the relationship negatively, according to the article, because Harden is mature beyond his years. So, he and Kardashian are still able to relate to each other despite the six-year age difference.

Money also probably won’t be an issue for the couple. Khloe Kardashian is loaded, obviously. But Harden hasn’t done badly for himself either. The Houston Rockets shooting guard has a five-year contract worth $80 million and recently signed a $200 million deal with Addidas.

“James is different than Lamar. There aren’t any of the same issues,” the insider told Gossip Cop. “He’s a real good guy… He cares about others.” The source added that if the relationship keeps working out for them, Khloe “without doubt would like to have kids with him.”

Khloe was definitely showing her affection for Harden on August 14 when she partied with him to celebrate his birthday which is on August 26. The couple was in Houston at the Aristocratlifes Engineroom and weren’t shy about showing their love for each other. Harden and Kardashian danced with each other and even held hands.

TMZ reports that James and Khloe were very close to each other throughout the night. They weren’t the only stars with a connection to the NBA at the venue as they partied alongside Zach Randolph of the Memphis Grizzlies and Pat Beverley from the Rockets.

The party was probably a great stress relief for Khloe. TMZ reports that on Wednesday Khloe was ambushed by Lamar Odom, her ex-husband. According to TMZ, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was on her way to Soulcycle session at 6:45 a.m. when Odom approached her and started shouting at her. He also allegedly put his hand on her shoulder at one point. Khloe told him to leave her alone before she got into her car and sped off.

According to reports, Lamar Odom claims that Khloe asked him to meet him at Soulcycle that morning. But Khloe vehemently denies that. TMZ’s sources say that Khloe has not had contact with Odom in weeks and changed her number so that he wouldn’t be able to contact her.

Maybe Khloe Kardashian will be doing some condo shopping in Houston to get away from the drama and closer to James Harden — only time will tell.

[Image by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images]