Should Lil Wayne Worry About Turk And Birdman’s ‘Settled’ Lawsuit?

News for Lil Wayne is popping off as his music career continues to flourish. However, there may be one piece of important information that fell through the cracks over the summer — and it may affect his relationship with HotBoyz member, Turk.

In Lil Wayne’s ongoing drama with suing his former label, Cash Money, and Birdman — a new piece of information emerged about a similar lawsuit involving Turk. Oddly, the details of Turk’s lawsuit were never fully publicized when it came to an end. Is there anything about Turk’s mysterious “settled” lawsuit with Birdman that will have negative implications for Lil Wayne?

Like Lil Wayne, Turk was in the process of suing Cash Money and Birdman for most of 2015. Earlier in the year when Lil Wayne was putting together his $50-plus million lawsuit against Birdman, Turk also had a lawsuit in the works against them.

Interestingly, although Turk had a chance of regaining the $1.3 million he claimed he lost — he suddenly “settled” the lawsuit without continuing with court procedures about six weeks before he was supposed to perform with Lil Wayne in New Orleans.

On July 12, The New Orleans Advocate reported, “Tab Virgil, a rapper better known as Turk, has settled his lawsuit against Cash Money Records and Money Mack Music. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.”

Considering that, a question still left standing (in the opinion of this author) is: What do the terms of Turk’s settled lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money mean — and is there some hidden caveat in Turk’s “settled” lawsuit that will negatively affect Lil Wayne in the future?

So far, it appears that Turk settling the lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money has not negatively affected his relationship with Lil Wayne — or doomed Lil Wayne’s future in some way.

Around July 28, about two weeks after his lawsuit with Birdman was “settled,” Turk released a new album — and Lil Wayne contributed to it. Lil Wayne also asked Turk on July 7 to be a part of the Lil WeezyAna Fest to be held in New Orleans on August 28.

This still does not dismiss the fact that Birdman is being accused of trying to kill Lil Wayne — and this can make fans wonder if there are any details about Turk’s “settled” lawsuit that Lil Wayne should know about.

For instance, did Turk feel pressured into settling the lawsuit because he is afraid of Birdman (an alleged sex abuser)? After all, insiders often allege that there are some serious problems going on with the past Turk shared with Lil Wayne and Birdman as part of the HotBoyz.

Also, Turk could have felt pressured to settle the lawsuit with Birdman and Cash Money because Birdman has been accused of trying to kill Lil Wayne since Weezy filed his lawsuit against Birdman.

Despite first-hand statements testifying otherwise, Birdman still claims he had nothing to do with a tour bus shooting against Lil Wayne that happened near Atlanta, Georgia, in April.

No matter what actually happened between Turk, Lil Wayne, and Birdman — it is clear that Birdman is trying to make serious efforts to convince Lil Wayne that his intentions are good.

For instance, on August 15, All Hip Hop stated, “mogul Birdman posted a picture featuring an image of Lil Wayne on Instagram with the caption ‘4Life LFLS YMCMB.’… the picture is a sign of Birdman wanting peace with his former protege.”

Regardless, this does not mean things have dissipated with the Lil Wayne and Birdman saga — and Lil Wayne’s standing with Turk may still be unclear because the details of Turk’s “settled” lawsuit with Birdman have not been publicized.

Unfortunately, fans may have to wait and see if things will come to a head (if at all) when Lil Wayne and most of the HotBoyz reunite in New Orleans on August 28 for Lil WeezyAna.

[Feature image via Anna Webber/Stringer/Getty Images]