Jon Stewart: 5 Facts About The Daily Show You May Not Know

Jon Stewart is stepping down as the host of The Daily Show after sixteen years at the helm, handing over the baton to the young South African comic, Trevor Noah. In his tenure as the star-man of what is perhaps the most popular news satire show on the planet, Jon Stewart has given us innumerable moments of political insights, which coupled with his meticulously drawn-out comic personas, have entertained, informed, and delighted us.

So today, we look back on Jon Stewart and The Daily Show to bring you facts about the host and his show that most of you probably didn’t know.

Twelve Percent Of Americans Cited The Daily Show As Their Source Of News

According to Pew Research, twelve percent of Americans depended on Jon Stewart to deliver them their daily news. Now, while statistically, it may not be an enormous number, it is pretty impressive for a show which was actually a late-night satire program. The survey ranks The Daily Show on par with proper news outlets such as USA Today and The Huffington Post, with most people confirming it as their ideal late-night stop for government and political news.

Jon Stewart Worked As A Busboy Before He Entered Into Show Business

When you think of the comic personas Jon Stewart could slip into almost effortlessly on his show, it comes as no surprise that Jon Stewart did several odd jobs before he got his big-break in the media industry. According to Celebuzz, Jon Stewart’s first job was working at a Woolworth’s department store — a position he did not hold for long, as his elder brother fired him after he knocked over almost $10,000 worth of aquarium equipment.

In later years, Jon Stewart worked as a puppeteer, soccer coach, and even a busboy.

Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show Primarily Had Urban Liberals At Its Audience

Jon Stewart has often been accused of leaning towards the political left in his criticism of the Conservatives, but it is an allegation Jon Stewart has refused adamantly. He has merely implied that his only responsibility is to his viewers, whom he wishes to entertain as a comedian. Having said that, it is true that urban, college-going youth were way more likely to tune into The Daily Show than rural, non-college-going Americans.

Jon Stewart Revealed Once That Hugh Grant Was His Worst Celebrity Guest On The Show

Hugh Grant appeared on The Daily Show in 2009 to promote his film, Did You Hear About the Morgans?, but Jon Stewart so disliked the English star that he went on to label him as a “huge diva, who was giving everyone a bad time being rude.”

Later on, Jon Stewart described Hugh Grant as the worst celebrity guest star who had ever appeared on The Daily Show, and even banned him from visiting again.

Jon Stewart Is Estimated To Exit The Daily Show With An Estimated Worth Of $80 Million

Though Jon Stewart has publicly expressed his disappoint at leaving his show, in the sixteen years he has hosted the show, Jon Stewart has amassed a fortune for himself. His total worth at the time of exiting The Daily Show stands at a staggering $80 million. That is what we call a successful career, Jon.

So folks, are you disappointed to see Jon Stewart head out the exit door? Let us know through your comments.

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Brad Barket / Getty Images]