Jimmy John's Fires Employee Who Refused Service To The Police

Jimmy John's has responded swiftly to a claim from a Minnesota police officer that he was refused service by one of the establishment's employees.

The claim was made to the sandwich shop's Facebook page for a location in Edina, Minnesota. The employee, who was not named in media reports, allegedly told the officer that he could not eat at Jimmy John's because too many of the restaurant's staff had been ticketed by police.

Essentially, the individual officer was being punished for the actions of his fellow officers by an employee with no real authority.

KSTP reports that Jimmy John's responded swiftly to the complaint with an investigation and a follow-up message that the employee in question had been fired.

The franchise owner at the Edina location also said that he plans on offering all Edina Police Officers free sandwiches as a goodwill gesture to make up for the employee's action.

The news site also notes that employees, who were present when they stopped by for comment, did not wish to share their thoughts on the matter.

This incident follows on the heels of a May incident when an employee at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) in Virginia Beach, Virginia, refused service to a police officer, telling him "we don't serve your kind here."

In that case, the San Francisco Globe notes, the employee was said to have been misunderstood and was in reality joking with the officer. Unlike the Jimmy John's case, IHOP stood by the employee in spite of protests calling for the employee to be fired.

Jimmy John's has been largely supported by the public for its decision to terminate the employee with many taking to Facebook to offer kudos.

"Don't speed and you won't get a ticket," said one commenter. "The employee is just another victim of being self entitled and believing it that he deserves a trophy for showing up."

"Fire the JJ's employee," said another prior to the announcement that the employee had lost his job. "Shameful. And illegal. God bless the police officers and keep them safe. Someday, that employee WILL need the services of a police officer. I hope he or she remembers well this day."

Another commenter saw it as a chance to get in a dig at the demand for $15 per hour minimum wage found in many fast food locations across the country.

"Jimmy John's drivers break the law and then complain about being caught. Here's your #FightFor15 crowd at work."

Do you think Jimmy John's made the right call in firing this employee, or is this an example of police abusing their power? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of Jimmy John's via Flickr Creative Commons]